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Metatrader Net Worth

A metatrader is a person who makes money by trading the foreign currency market. This person usually works from a computer and has a high amount of skill. In fact, some of the most successful forex traders are very rich. Their net worth is estimated at several billion dollars. The wealth of these individuals reflects their skills in trading and investing.

One of the richest Forex traders alive today is Stanley Druckenmiller. exness broker open demo account received a degree in economics and worked for a national bank before launching his own firm in 1981. He also managed cash for George Soros for almost two decades. He is a well-known investor and is worth over $2 billion. He has also donated more than $700 million to various charities.

George Soros is a billionaire who makes his fortune through trading. He started trading while he was still in college and developed a strategy that involved taking extremely leveraged exness how to trade forex like a hedge funds on currency rates. One of his most famous trades was during the Black Wednesday crisis in 1992, when he took a short position against the U.K. pound. He correctly predicted a number of factors that left banks vulnerable and made a $1 billion trade. Since then, he has been building his wealth steadily.

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