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What is the trend line how to use the trend line

  The concept of the Forex rebate king forexrebateindonesia mainly refers to the direction of the stock cashback forex run, it is the reflection of the orderly characteristics of stock price fluctuations, but also the main performance of the random fluctuations in the bias characteristics of the stock price trend is actually the most famous kinematics in physics that is Newtons law of inertia in the real reproduction of the stock market, is the most fundamental, the most core factors in technical analysis even The countrys macroeconomic operation in various stages there are also development trends, various industries in different stages there are obvious development trends The most important investment principle of the practical investor is to follow the trend, that is, to follow the trend of stock prices along the direction of the least resistance to run and start operations, and stock price fluctuations trend to achieve the unity of heaven and mankind 1. the trend cashbackinforex delineation The so-called a ruler to walk the world, in fact, refers to the use of trend lines Investors should always remember: the trend is your friend, always operate with the trend, not against the trend to learn to use the trend line to determine the direction of the trend, for investors, this is one of the essential basic skills The trend line is actually the trajectory and direction of stock price fluctuations into a simple method of practice, it can filter out the small fluctuations in stock prices, so that we can simply, clearly grasp the The direction of stock price fluctuations and the trend of the pulse of the trend line is drawn by the fluctuations in the running stock price of the low and low points connected, or high points and high points connected to the straight line if the stock price is running by a low point than a low point high way of running, the trend line drawn is the rising trend line that support line; such as the stock price is running by a high point than a high point low, the trend line drawn is the downward trend line, that is, the pressure line; there is another is the low and high point of the stock price lateral extension, there is no obvious up and down trend, which is the horizontal finishing or called box finishing trend according to the length of time, can be divided into long-term trends, medium-term trends and short-term trends a long-term trend generally consists of a number of medium-term trends, and a medium-term trend consists of a number of short-term trends  Generally speaking, The trend line drawn only two lows or highs can be constituted, but the trend line is touched at least three times to confirm the effectiveness of the trend line the more times the trend line is touched the more important, the longer the continuation of this trend line, the more effective this trend line  2. The trend line has two main roles (1) the future fluctuations of the stock price to play a certain Constraint role of this constraint is essentially mainly reflected in the role of investors psychological implication, such as when the stock price down to a major trend line, the position is no longer sold temporarily to see how strong the trend line support before making a decision, and off-site watchers, that it is a time to buy, once the buyers power is greater than the sellers power, the investors psychological collection of the actual buying power of the stock price will rise back up the same, when the stock price Once the sellers power is greater than the buyers power, the actual selling power generated by the investors psychological collection will accelerate the decline of the stock price pressure line on the investors psychological implication also exists (2) the trend line is broken, it means that the next step in the trend of stock price fluctuations will occur in the reverse movement, the more important and effective the trend line is The more important and effective the trend line is broken, the stronger the signal to turn the trend 3. support lines and pressure lines into each other trend lines in the support line and pressure lines can be transformed into each other when the stock price breaks through a support line from above, the original support line will likely be transformed into a pressure line at some point we can find that the stock price runs between two parallel trend lines, the line above the pressure line, the line below the support line, this situation is called Box finishing trend line often need and volume with the use of the stock price from the bottom up breakthrough pressure line, often need large volume support if there is no volume and the background support of the broader market, many times often a false breakthrough  4. The angle of the trend line  The angle of the trend line is critical, in general, the angle of inclination of 45° The trend line is the most meaningful, stable and durable too gentle rising trend line shows that the strength is not enough, not easy to produce a big market immediately; too steep rising trend line, indicating that the stock price is rising too quickly can not last, often easy to quickly change the trend angle, the rising trend line will be adjusted to the angle of 45 & deg; line up and down or so, but not the trend reversal down trend line is the same   nbsp;5. How to confirm the effective breakthrough of the trend line  This is the most critical issue in the application of the trend line traditional trend theory is not very accurate conclusions, there are only people empirical summaries in practice need to grasp the three principles: ① closing price breakthrough principle: closing price breakthrough trend line than the highest and lowest breakthrough trend line important ② 3% breakthrough principle: it is mainly for the identification of long-term trend line breakthrough breakthrough trend line, the farther away from the trend line, the more effective the breakthrough principle requires the closing price breakthrough trend line of at least 3% as long as it reaches this range, to be considered effective, otherwise invalid ③ three days principle: once the stock price breakthrough in the long-term trend line, the closing price must be three consecutive days in the other side of the trend line breakthrough trend line, the other side of the trend line to stay in the time The longer the breakthrough, the more effective  6. The purpose of using trend lines  The use of trend lines can help investors to start the operation of the trend, that is, to find the trend of stock price movement, buy and hold in the uptrend, sell the stock in the downtrend and hold the money in the confirmation that the trend has not reversed, the trend line has not been broken before, do more, do short The operating strategy will remain unchanged
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