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Wall Street Lone Ranger 10 billion fund a man fighting

 Th Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag somewhat balding 53-year-old man is a billionaire, five years, he also brought hundreds of millions of dollars for Forexrebateking investors He is silent, even if investors carrying eight-figure cashbackinforex want to invest, to his office call also Not necessarily picked up More particularly, his cashback forex company mainly on his one person, few people have seen him, an industry insider called him a unicorn This fund manager named DavidAbrams, his fund company AbramsCapitalManagementLP manages $8 billion in funds, its three funds, recently He is raising capital to set up a fourth fund, making its capital size more than $10 billion With those who spend the whole day on television to talk about the star fund manager is very different, Abrams has never given a speech at a public event, he seems to prefer the world can not find him But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal allows more people to understand the life of this lone wolf according to reports Abrams graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in history and is introverted and sensible The fund employs three analysts and a group of back-office staff, but all transactions require Abrams approval, compared to other firms with equivalent assets that typically have hundreds of employees Since its inception in 1999, Abrams Capitals main fund This is almost twice the return of hedge funds tracked by Hedge Fund Research (HFR) and three times that of the S&P 500 Its recent holdings include bookseller Barnes & NobleInc, retailer J.C. PenneyCo. and Western Union His investment thinking is also different, this hedge fund does not use leverage or borrowed funds, the account usually lying billions of cash, in its management of $ 8 billion in funds, about 40% is held in cash Currently, his former boss SethKlarman one of the worlds largest hedge funds BaupostGroupLLC boss will also personal funds to Abrams quarterly letters to investors are as short as six paragraphs, one of which is only one sentence Some investors also mention that he wont spend even a minute trying to convince you Or argue with you, if you ask him, he will tell you what he thinks, if you dont ask, he may just sit there and not say a word As for how the lone wolf is paid, the Wall Street Journal by calculating his fees, performance and personal investments in the company, one of his major funds returned 23% last year, which gave him a personal return of more than $400 million in total He is probably paid more than David Einhorn, Daniel Och and even Klarman, the big boys.
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