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There are also retail investors and large investors in the currency market speculation

The stock cashback Forexrebatekingforex has the concept of retail investors cashback forex large investors, a common saying forexrebateindonesia that large investors eat small investors, small investors eat retail investors, retail investors suffer losses, the implication is that retail investors can not compete with large investors then in the currency market is how a situation?  The same exists in the foreign exchange market retail and large, and the stock market is different, the stock market, individual investors as long as the funds are large enough, you can be among the large, and even the ranks of the banker, but in the foreign exchange market, personal funds are large, even if there are millions of dollars, can only be considered retail, because the foreign exchange market, large institutional investors, such as a variety of funds, major banks, large multinational companies, usually have hundreds of millions of dollars of capital, even like the Quantum Fund hundreds of billions of dollars in size of institutions also abound, therefore, the flow of funds in the currency market is often calculated in trillions of dollars, if you take into account that many transactions to take leverage to enlarge the way, then the daily funds in the currency market is almost astronomical figures can be seen, in the currency market, individual investors are among the retail investors, while institutional investors are large, the two are distinct  In terms of market energy, institutional investors constitute the main body of the currency market, the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate, the conversion of the market more or less, and even the long-term bear bull market reversal, are institutional investors, and the impact of individual investors on the currency market, almost negligible, it can also be said that the currency market is the battlefield of giants  In comparison, there is no doubt that institutional investors have certain advantages  First of all, the capital advantage. nbsp; first is the capital advantage, institutions can invest huge amounts of money, anti-risk, anti-volatility ability is very high, and in most cases to do medium and long term positions, so institutions often indifferent in the face of hundreds of points of volatility, and individuals due to the limited amount of capital, the ability to resist risk is much weaker, especially margin traders, do wrong hundred points usually means a huge loss   second is the intellectual advantage. Institutional investors usually have a large think tank department, employing a large number of professional analysts, from all aspects of the market to analyze the judgment, design investment models, to provide decision support for the trading department, while individual investors do not have this advantage, can only be one for ten thousand Finally, the portfolio advantage, based on the above two points, few institutions alone in the foreign exchange market, they are more keen portfolio In addition, the companys investment portfolio is a combination of the two, that is, in accordance with the design of the model to invest in stocks, foreign exchange, futures, treasury bonds, options and other multiple markets, so that you can play the loss of the hedging effect, but also to maximize the role of options and other hedging tools, and for individual investors, which is almost impossible to achieve Individual investors in various speculative markets are vulnerable, in the currency market, too The same, but this does not mean that retail investors should give up their positions, surrender, on the contrary, retail investors also have the advantages of retail investors As the saying goes, the tail is not lost, despite the various advantages of institutions, but due to the size of the capital, complex decision-making procedures, flexibility is much worse than retail investors, individual investors can do ultra-short term, or find that the situation is not right can immediately pull out and retreat, the institutions can only hope to sigh At the same time, the currency market is a highly transparent information market, individuals and institutions can learn about a variety of information is the same, nothing more than a variety of news, economic indicators, leaders speeches, etc., there is no insider information in the stock market, from this point of view, institutions and individuals are standing on the same starting line finally, due to the huge volume of transactions in the currency market, any one institution can not act as a dealer, no one can influence the exchange rate This is very different from the stock market where one or two institutions can manipulate a stock, compared with the many institutional investors and the huge amount of money, any institution, in fact, is still a small fish in the currency market, a retail investor, against the market will still end in failure For individual investors, the biggest secret is still the old saying follow the trend, as long as they can face their own disadvantages The most important thing is that the individual investor can not only make money in the currency market, but also make a lot of money, many well-known institutional investor leaders, chief analysts, traders, such as we are familiar with André? Bush, Peter Lynch, and even Gann. Lynch, and even Jahn, it is from the retail camp step by step growth In todays international exchange market, the United States, Europe is the main position of institutions, bringing together 90% of the worlds institutional investors, while individual investors are mostly concentrated in East Asia, Southeast Asia, of which Chinas mainland is the most rapid growth of individual investors in recent years, it is expected that with the advancement of the reform of the RMB exchange rate system, and It is expected that with the reform of the RMB exchange rate system, and the gradual relaxation of foreign exchange control, Chinas foreign exchange market will experience rapid development, individual investors will continue to expand the camp, institutional investors will be from scratch, from small to large, as the saying goes, there is a vast world, there is a lot to do!
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