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Theoretical guidance of exchange rate analysis of foreign exchange trading

In the stock market industry, there are many theoretical guidance, such as Gann the Forexrebateking, Dow theory, Adam theory forexrebateindonesia so on forex traders in addition to know the basic knowledge of foreign Forex rebate king, but also should know the theoretical guidance of exchange cashbackinforex analys cashback forex, so as to be more conducive to your victory in forex trading So, in forex trading, what is the classic theory of exchange rate analysis? What kind of methods are usually used? The following will be a detailed introduction to the theoretical guidance of exchange rate analysis speculative friends have speculative skills, is based on the theory of their industry and concluded for speculators, as well as in the speculative foreign exchange transactions also need certain skills, and these skills are more based on the following theories of exchange rate changes first, the world today, the study of exchange rate changes in the classical theory of the three main: the British scholar Gersons international borrowing, the Swedish economist Cassells purchasing power, the international borrowing theory, the international borrowing theory. The Swedish economist Cassells purchasing power parity, the famous British economist Keiths interest rate parity, of which the interest rate parity and purchasing power parity say the greatest impact on the market is worthy of the attention of the majority of customers engaged in individual live foreign exchange trading is that the above doctrines have many premises and assumptions, theoretical color is heavy 1. The doctrine of interest rate parity, which explains the relationship between the level of interest rates and exchange rates, in short, which currency interest rates are high, investors will be willing to buy which currency, which will lead to the rise of the currency exchange rate interest rate parity doctrine breaks through the traditional balance of payments and price levels, from the perspective of capital flows to study the changes in exchange rates, laying the foundation of modern exchange rate theory 2. Although the PPP doctrine is not perfect, the basic ratio between the central banks currency exchange rate and the market price still plays an important role because the comparison between the basic exchange rate and the market price calculated according to the purchasing power can determine the degree of deviation of the current market exchange rate from the basic exchange rate, which is an important tool for forecasting the long-term exchange rate. Methods of analyzing exchange rates There are two main methods of analyzing exchange rates: basic analysis and technical analysis Basic analysis is the analysis of the basic factors affecting the foreign exchange rate, the basic factors mainly include the level and state of economic development of each country, the world, regional and national political situation, market expectations and other technical analysis is with the help of psychology, statistics and other disciplines of research methods and means, through the study of the past exchange rate, forecast the The future trend of the exchange rate
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