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The three types of foreign exchange analysis

The three types of Forexrebateking cashbackinforex cashback forex: I. Foreign exchange technical analysis foreign exchange technical analysis, is a method for foreign exchange traders to predict price movements Forex rebate king future trends in the forexrebateindonesia by studying charts of past market activity and using metrics foreign exchange technical analysis has three basic elements: 1 market behavior covers everything! This means that actual prices reflect all factors that may affect the market, such as supply and demand, political factors and market views However, true technical analysts are only concerned with the price movement itself, not what caused the change 2 Price trends exist Technical analysis is used to identify patterns of market behavior that are known and have been important for a long time Many known market patterns are likely to produce and expected to match In addition, some known market patterns are often repeated.3 History repeats itselfHave you heard the adage: "Historical trends tend to repeat themselves!" --This is actually the technical analysis of foreign exchange based on peoples knowledge of foreign exchange icon patterns and categorization has been more than a hundred years, the fact that many patterns repeat themselves over and over again proves that human psychology has not changed much over time II, foreign exchange fundamental analysis of foreign exchange fundamental analysis, is a foreign exchange trader through the study of economic, political, social environment and other relevant factors and statistics to predict the supply and demand requirements of financial products (for example: currency), so as to determine the forward price trend of a countrys economic trends directly affect the rise or fall of the value of the countrys currency In other words, foreign exchange fundamental analysts must analyze the various factors that may affect a countrys economy to determine which countrys economy has an upward trend, which countrys As a forex fundamental analyst, one must know exactly how each major news or event, such as the release of the U.S. non-agricultural employment data, will affect the countrys economy and thus the demand and supply requirements for the countrys currency. If the economy of a country is not good, the value of the currency will remain weak, and foreign exchange investors will sell the currency Here is an example of foreign exchange fundamental analysis For example, the U.S. economy is on the rise, the dollar will be strong and increase in value, if the U.S. economy continues to climb, the U.S. government will take the means to increase the bank prime rate to control the dollars transitional appreciation and the resulting inflation High bank interest rates will make the U.S. dollar more attractive, thus attracting more investors Therefore, in general, the governments interest rate hikes will allow the countrys currency to increase in value III, foreign exchange market sentiment analysis foreign exchange market sentiment analysis is a specific application of behavioral finance, which is the analysis of the sentiment of traders or investment groups in the foreign exchange market foreign exchange market sentiment analysts through the information that market investors talk about, and their reaction to the market to make an analysis. How can we know what investors in the forex market are thinking? Generally speaking, forex market sentiment analysts use tools and indicators such as forex trader position reports (COTData) to make analysis forex market sentiment analysis can be another important tool for your forex trading
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