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The six techniques to achieve the greatest chance of winning in foreign exchange

six techniques to achieve the greatest chance of w cashback forexning in foreign cashbackinforex learn to establ Forex rebate kingh a position, chopping and profit "establish a position" is the meaning of the opening of the opening is also called open, is to Forexrebateking a currency, while selling another currency behavior after the opening, long (long) a currency, short (short) another Choosing the right level of exchange forexrebateindonesia and timing to establish a position is a prerequisite for profitability If the timing of entry is good, the chances of profit are large; on the contrary, if the timing of entry is not appropriate, it is easy to lose money "Chopping" is a stop-loss measure taken to prevent losses from being too high when the exchange rate of the held currency falls after establishing a position, for example, to For example, selling the pound at an exchange rate of 1.60 and buying the U.S. dollar later the exchange rate of the pound rose to 1.62, seeing that the nominal loss has reached 200 points in order to prevent the pound from continuing to rise causing greater losses, it will buy back the pound at an exchange rate level of 1.62 and sell the U.S. dollar, ending the exposure with a loss of 200 points Sometimes traders do not admit losses, but insist on waiting, hoping that the exchange rate will turn back, so that when the exchange rate slides will suffer huge losses "profit" timing is difficult to grasp in the establishment of positions, when the exchange rate has moved in the direction of their own favor, flattening can be profitable, for example, in 120 buy dollars, sell yen; when the dollar rose to 122 yen, there have been two yen profit, so they will sell dollars, buy back the yen so that the dollar Position rolled flat, earn yen profits; or the original amount of yen sold in accordance with the original number of rolled flat, earn dollar profits, which is the timing of the profit-making behavior is very important to grasp the profit, too early to close, not much profit; too late to close, may delay the timing, the exchange rate trend reversal, not gain but loss 2. Only one point is to buy the wrong, that is, when the price rises to the top, the exchange rate like from the floor to the ceiling, can not rise again in addition to this point, any other point to buy are right When the exchange rate falls to buy, only one point is to buy the right, that is, the exchange rate has fallen to the lowest point, like falling to the floor, can not be lower in addition, other points to buy are wrong As the price rises to buy, only one point is to buy 3. "Pyramid" mark-up "Pyramid" mark-up means: after buying a currency for the first time, the exchange rate of the currency rises, and you can see that your investment is going to be more profitable. If you want to increase your investment, you should follow the principle of "adding less than the last time", so that the number of purchases will become smaller and smaller, just like the "pyramid", because the higher the price, the higher the possibility of approaching the peak of the rise. The higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the top of the rise, the greater the danger 4. buy (sell) on rumors, sell (buy) on facts The foreign exchange market, like the stock market, often circulates some news and even rumors, some news later proved to be true, some news later proved to be nothing more than rumors Trader practice is to buy immediately when you hear the good news, once the news is confirmed, it will immediately sell and vice versa, when the bad news When bad news comes out, sell immediately, and once the news is confirmed, buy back immediately If the transaction is not quick enough, it is likely to incur losses due to market movements 5. Suddenly the market reversal, fell sharply down, the trader see lose money, they want to buy a single at a low price, in an attempt to pull down the first single exchange rate, and in the exchange rate rebound, two single together to close the position, to avoid losses this increase in practice to be particularly careful if the exchange rate has been rising for a period of time, you buy may be a "top", if the more down to buy, the more Continuous increase, but the exchange rate always does not turn back, then the result is undoubtedly a vicious loss 6. not participate in the uncertain market activities When you feel that the trend of the currency market is not clear enough, and their lack of confidence, to not enter the transaction is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to make a wrong judgment
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