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The risk control of guessing the top and bottom

In sim cashback forexle terms, th Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag kind of technique belongs to the fighting type of technique, the user must have a strong Forexrebateking comprehensive analysis ability cashbackinforex enough market waiting patience. The top-guessing technique has an advantage in that it has a probability of success of over 80% when considering the resonance of multiple cycles, such as the four-hour, daily, and even weekly charts. The new trend formation of the key position and encounter, your single will be due to profits of dozens of points or even hundreds of points will often take a more comfortable, set a chase stop can look very far So guess the top and bottom of the drawbacks of technology and how to control the risk?  We first look at the general traders to guess the top of the bottom is how to make technical judgments in the real world, such as four-hour technical charts, for example, guess the top of the example, the general traders see technical indicators KD began to enter the high region, so began to judge a four-hour operating cycle on the shorting opportunity is coming, if so, I can tell you, you have considered setting how many points stop loss? How about the layout of your capital? If you havent thought about it, your failure rate could be more than 50%. Then there is a larger group of traders who start to consider whether the technicals of the chart are in place and whether it is appropriate to short, assuming that the chart is also at a high level, then they start to enter and short, if so, your failure rate will be lower than the previous group of traders, but if you dont have good money management and split position layout status, you are also vulnerable to stop loss, and if you dont set a stop loss, you risk crashing your position! Of course, what I am talking about here is a description of the general practice of technical analysts who guess tops. In other words, I think they are not strictly speaking good traders in the sense of guessing tops. The hand method of actual combat strictly speaking must be comprehensive consideration of the following issues, not just rely on a few indicators indicators of obtuseness will make your trading mentality began to float, book losses will make your mentality deteriorate The first issue is the target object is now in what kind of big picture technical position, that is, you must at least consider the four-hour and sky chart technical level, and must be considered is the two-level state, the intermediate state Failure rate is quite high such as four-hour technical and sky chart technical KD is currently at what high level, this is the most basic problem, sometimes need a little sense of foresight of the ability to understand the wave theory with wave structure can improve the chances of winning The second problem is the target object is currently in what regional volatility position, this problem is best placed in the sky chart to see, sometimes you must also look at the weekly chart you have to analyze through the volatility region Combined with a simple wave measurement, pre-measurement he may reach the high point area and low area and then put our layout in the entire region to consider the layout of the top guessing techniques and tactics The third question is the current four-hour chart and the day chart in the long-term average running state is how? For example, the dolphin SMA 2652104180208 or a simple SMA 10204060 and a Bollinger Bands, choose 26 parameters to see his upper rail running state, if these averages plus the upper Bollinger rail is in the rule of perfect dispersion upward alignment and the price is running in these averages above, then this time does not have a trading master recommended not to enter the top guess, because you may encounter Is a possible formation of a unilateral market or technical continuous high blunt market, a blunt will cause prices to rise more than 100 points, several consecutive blunt will make your new entry single loss of several hundred points This is a very important judgment on technical analysis combined with the averages made The fourth issue is when to guess the top technical analysis of entry which may have eight small issues need to be discussed in order not to affect the article If not as the third question, you can start to combine technical entry after analyzing the previous two questions, entry is a regional concept, you should not delude yourself that you can sell a single in the highest point of the market, the actual operation, you may enter in batches as a result of a few single in the best position in the market but the overall single should be in the market after the fact to prove the head of the regional position rather than the absolute top tip position four-hour and sky charts caused by shorting down profits between 50-300 points is more common then what you have to do is to choose the region in the head combined with ultra-short term technology continuous shorting, rolling operation to reduce your comprehensive cost, when the four-hour and sky chart technical resonance began to cause the K line down, what you have to do is to wait patiently for the completion of the technical down cycle, such as The main compartment must at least wait for the four-hour technical fall to the low to then consider closing the rest of the compartment you can consider chasing stop measures, etc. The fifth problem is the timing of entry to choose when is the best, this is also difficult, according to different habits to consider, often technical prediction early entry, some traders are waiting for a dead fork entry, my current state is also early entry layout, after looking at the KD high resonance state I will look at a MACD, and even look at the RSI, and finally look at the combination of K-line head pattern judgment Guess the top class technology is most afraid of unilateral market, if you enter and find that this is a unilateral market is very likely, then you can combine technology but do not additional cabin, in the RSI (14) retracement to about 45-50 or four-hour technology in place after the low position to quickly exit the transaction this refers to the safety of the guesser top Protection measures in terms of guessing the bottom of the class because it is not the focus of this article, interested friends can combine with guessing the top of the class operation direction to think about the next can come to a considerable conclusion guessing the top of the class traders can wait for a round of unilateral end, the end of the sign of a small trick that is to see whether the four-hour Bollinger upper rail from up into a gradual flat or down, this time those several averages certainly began to wind, the price will also be in a range. This time is the golden period we combine with the technology to strike!
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