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The impact of the US dollar interest rate hike on the RMB

What is the impact of the US forexrebate cashback forexdonesia Forexrebateking rate hike on the RMB? The US has raised interest rates frequently in recent years, so its hard to say what the purpose is. In terms of the impact of the dollars interest rate hike on the yuan, the yuan is currently in the process of internationalization, so the dollars interest rate hike still has some impact on the yuan. Under this circumstance, there cashbackinforex be pressure on the appreciation of the US dollar Forex rebate king depreciation of the RMB. It is expected that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates several times this year and next year, which means that US dollar assets will remain a sought-after allocation option in the future, and capital from various countries will have a tendency to buy US dollar assets, thus putting pressure on Chinas capital flows. If another interest rate hike is implemented, the dollar will appreciate significantly, then the RMB will be hit by the dollar and depreciate, while domestic treasury funds will also flow out to funds, stock market and other investments to preserve value But these are only theoretical possibilities Since the end of 2014, the dollar interest rate hike has been delayed but expected to continue to ferment in the market, in the process, the dollar has appreciated a lot, compared to the euro, the yen and other depreciation. Some countries have basically finished paying off their short-term dollar debts, and the debt repayment period is often a time when the local currency is under great pressure. After all, like the butterfly effect, the seemingly minimal increase in the dollars interest rate will have an inevitable impact on the Chinese economy. The devaluation of the yuan will naturally have an impact on some people who are financially conscious and will consider the degree of devaluation and switch to another better value-protecting financial product when they are placed in banks and products with smaller returns. Of course, at this time, China will also introduce corresponding policies to cope with the situation, but the policies are generally not favorable to the economy and peoples livelihood, which is a common phenomenon in recent years, the state will only ensure that state-owned enterprises and banks and other enterprises and institutions under the jurisdiction of the government.
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