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The four kings of futures

foreign exchange life In 2010, when the A-share Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag still struggling in the bear Forexrebateking, cotton cashback forex quietly ushered in a rare bull market in history "Some quotes can not be lost when the loss of this opportunity, may be 5-10 years of cotton are not such a big market to lose is not money, can not afford to lose is the opportunity" in this market In this market, the civilian into a tycoon "adult fairy tale" such as fireworks bloom, gorgeous futures investment history which is most talked about, nothing more than in the cotton futures on the fierce battle entangled "Ye Dahu" Ye Qingjun, thick soup wild man Lin Guangmao, Chaos faction master Ge Weidong If we take the name of "Four Greats", then Ye Qingjun is called "Southern Emperor" for his proud performance cashbackinforex reputation, and Lin Guangmao is called "Western Madman" for his unrestrained Zhang Yang can be "Western madness", Ge Weidong act unconventional can rival the "East evil", Fu Haitang is because of its frank and optimistic can be called "Northern beggar" Low-key and modest is their common characteristics, as Although this report did not have the opportunity to personally interview the above four predators, but from several people close to the predators of the "memory fragments", or can collect the armpits into fur, to see the high people in a drop The style; or gather sand into a tower, since the fragment to reveal the essence of investment Nandi - Ye Qingjun nickname: Ye Dahu, Chinas Soros Position: Dunhe Asset Management Co. Mortgage property, heavy position in beans, assets from 100,000 to 5 million, the completion of the original capital accumulation, and thereafter to capture the copper, rubber bull market, according to rumors to the end of 2007 assets have been thickened to hundreds of millions of dollars July 4, 2009, the establishment of Ningbo Dunhe Investment Holdings Limited, the predecessor of Dunhe Asset Management Co. In 2011, cotton futures fell when the error continued to do more, losing 1.2 billion yuan, temporarily defeated by the "wild man in soup" Lin Guangmao 2012, gathered funds to use the tactics of attrition war, sneak attack war to besiege the "wild man in soup "The same year, the same year, seized the bull market in soybean meal, is rumored to have reached 10 billion yuan in assets Green Taiji altar, falling red maple, quiet pavilion, flowing ink painting ...... Dunhe asset management companys official website reveals a quiet and indifferent state everywhere, there is no extensive company introduction, no running account type of The companys website reveals a tranquil and aloof attitude, no extensive company introduction, no flowing account-style performance display, the details of the investment team is not even mentioned for the word "Dunhe", there is only a concise "Dunren Yihe" four-word interpretation, low-key so that people can hardly be associated with tens of billions of assets of the futures market predator hanging "Mr. Ye is a person Indeed very low-key, the last time several of us went to visit him, each in a suit, solemnly did not expect him to be dressed plainly, and ordinary people do not have any difference, completely can not see standing in front of you, is in the futures market call the wind and rain Ye big account" an industry insiders who had personally visited Ye Qingjun revealed to reporters, the Zhejiang system of capital has a circle, from time to time there will be The exchange of meetings, Ye in which the status of respect, the move of a hand can cause funds to follow the group, enough to form a force that can shake the market, called the "South Emperor" can be true, so how low-key is not too much Another person familiar with the matter revealed that Dun and a wide range of capital management investment, commodities, stocks, equity, foreign exchange, bonds, etc. They used to arbitrage across the stock market and futures market According to my understanding, at noon on October 15, Zhejiang Province, the Department of Health informed that there was a new case of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza that afternoon, they are in the A shares on the long pharmaceutical stocks, while in the futures market short soybean meal, the weight of the A shares accounted for more, soybean meal on less " China Securities Journal reporter looked up the October 15 pharmaceutical stock quotes, indeed, the day there are a number of stocks strong up, including the early low shock of Dongbao biological, but also in the afternoon obviously pulled up to stop the board, after 3 trading days, the stock shock rose about 7% will be down and the futures market, the day early, soybean meal then the main 1401 contract performance is more Resistant, after the afternoon is a sudden volume dive, the whole day fell 0.63% "they are short term fast in and out, soybean meal on the same day to close positions, pharmaceutical stocks also quickly withdrawn, the gains are quite substantial" according to the person revealed that Dun and capital management recently mainly in securities investment, futures team in operation, but the amount of money invested is not large, mainly because The current volatility of the futures market is not high, the return is not high, but the risk is higher than the stock market "As far as I understand, Dunwoodys research is very deep and detailed, just a study of soybean production, they have an independent team to do if the early success of Ye Dahu is largely due to his personal insight and judgment, then the key to his later success is to spare no effort to tap top talent " Yongan futures is the home base of Ye Dahu, but also the early "Dunhe" talent delivery base, especially agricultural products (market share bar buying and selling points) research team, the market rumors under his command there are five tigers, including "Zhang will "With the expansion of the investment scope, the scope of talent mining is no longer confined to futures, stocks, bond talent is also included, such as the former CICC fixed income research group leader Xu Xiaoqing was hired by Dunhe Capital Management, as the companys macro strategy director position  "At present, Mr. Yes identity is mainly the chairman of the group, the investment of specific matters mainly by the team to take care of him personally have nothing to do with playing Tai Chi, steam sauna, rarely directly involved in the details of the transaction level," said the above-mentioned people West crazy - Lin Guangmao nickname: gumbo wild man  Position: tianjin easy Fu Ze equity investment fund management company chairman Experience: born in 1981 2002, Beijing material college futures professional graduation, as a professional investor in the spinning trader early also have burst position lost all experience, until 2008 only stable profit 2010 cotton bull market, invested 6 million yuan to do more cotton futures, hold a position of 30,000 hands, from the floating loss of 60% to the top of the position, the capital 220 times to 1.3 billion yuan In 2011, short cotton futures backhand, it took 9 and a half months, 20,000 tons of short orders to earn 700 million yuan, a battle of fame at the end of the year, the establishment of Tianjin Freshwater Jingtan Investment Management Co. In 2013, A shares became the focus of investment, the first three quarters of the top ten shareholders of Guanhao High-tech, as of the third quarter, holding 4.554 million shares compared to "Lin Guangmao" This name, "Gumbo Savage" screen name seems to be more familiar to investors he himself explained: "Gumbo" is the hope that I and all my friends to share and exchange ideas, experiences can be both delicious and nutritious, the main thing is not to bother teeth, and strive for easy The "wild man" comes from the saying "the quality of the text is wild, the quality of the text is history, the quality of the text is refined, and then the gentleman", the Confucianism has high requirements for the gentleman, (I) do not want to and can not do a gentleman, but at least require themselves to be a simple wild man and over the age of Ye Qingjun and other people Compared to the new generation of futures moguls after 80 years, Lin Guangmao has more young peoples wild and flamboyant, the name of "Western madness" comes from his bold and aggressive operation methods, once confessed in public, "account floating loss of 60% is a norm for me, my style is full position plus position trading. So I am ready to zero the psychological preparation is like a persons first roller coaster will be scared to shout, but if you sit every day, sit ten years, will be afraid? At that time sitting on the roller coaster can fall asleep, I am so" "bottom escape" is the most thirsty market investors but inaccessible, but Lin Guangmao but successfully ate the full section of the market, capturing the cotton futures prices in 2010 from 16,600 yuan / ton to 33,690 yuan / ton, and in 2011 from 34,000 yuan / ton. In 2011 and from 34,000 yuan / ton down to 19,880 yuan / ton of the bull and bear process, "eat to the full section" has also become his proudest experience he himself also proudly on the blog to disclose the operating ideas, and even disclose its positions and costs, and to "perfect finish "After this battle, the markets attention to its growing but at the same time, the human nature of conceit also quietly in his heart breeding in 2012, he did more cotton, and openly "sunshine single", and in the opposite hand to do short " East Evil" Ge Weidong in the war of words "cotton will rise later, but the money is still me", is when the youthful frivolity can be seen but the opponents see the bottom of its cards, so that he is very passive in the operation, thus leading to its loss in the first half of 2012 on the cotton futures Lin Guangmao summary. On the loss of cotton in 2012, the reason is the inevitable result of overconfidence after the expansion of confidence "a do more, a short, just over a year, from 6 million to more than 2 billion, a feeling of omnipotence, confidence expansion to the point of wanting to assist the government to complete a point of ambition" This loss, but also let him A lot of sobriety: "A big price for a self-knowledge and cultivation of sublimation, well worth it!" A futures person who had contact with Lin Guangmao said that the current Lin and before, compared with a lot of low-key, not much to say, and a strong interest in Buddhism, giving the impression that the heart is very quiet However, from the viewpoint of the harsh trend of Guanhao High-tech, it seems that the spirit of the year is still there, the investment style is still unchanged visible "Western madness" is still there, but the sharpness converge  East Evil - Ge Weidong Nickname: "Ge boss" Position: Chairman of Shanghai Chaos Investment Co. Experience: 2000 to enter the futures market, two burst positions after the rapid rise of 2005, the establishment of Shanghai Chaos Investment Co. "In 2005, he established Shanghai Chaos Investment Co. This is precisely the personality of "Boss Ge", who does not stick to the rules and plays in the jungle, as evidenced by his microblogging name - "Chaos is not chaos, chaos, chaos", which shows his unique personality traits by hiding the mystery in the banter Another incident that impressed investors was In 2012, the company was fined for violating the position limits of U.S. cotton and soybean futures contracts. According to industry insiders, this incident reflected two facts from the side: first, it acted boldly and dared to challenge the rules, but also could stand up to the consequences; second, foreign market investment and cross-market arbitrage in domestic and foreign markets is one of its major investment styles "Unlike other private equity institutions, Ges Chaos Investment A major feature is the overseas resource background According to personal understanding, they cooperate with overseas institutions to set up a station, specializing in information collection, through investment banks, spot traders can get some information before other domestic investors, as a reference for trading" a person familiar with the matter revealed In terms of talent training, Chaos Investment is also different According to the relevant sources, the general investment institutions, the research team The companys research team and trading team are separated, while Chaos Investment has implemented the integration of investment and research, with analysts doing both research and actual trading operations, which is very beneficial to the growth of researchers. Chaos Investment has the name of Whampoa Military School in the futures industry." From the investment level, public information shows that Chaos Investments investment philosophy is to make stable and sustainable profits, "soundness is the first principle of investment, and risk control comes before investment," according to Informed sources revealed that "Chaos Investment is a fundamental analysis school, do swing trading, there is no spot to hedge but they do a better job of risk control, there are two layers of risk control" Public information shows that since 2000 engaged in investment, his personal has maintained good investment performance, 7 years of average annualized investment returns in more than 50% Since the establishment of the Chaos Investment Company in 2005, the average annualized investment return is close to 120% "We tossed around to learn that Mr. Ge is a very good person, good people, there are some friends because of the purchase of their products, assets from the million level up to the ten million level" said the above informed sources Northern Beggar --Fu Haitang nickname: "peasant philosopher" Experience: born in 1967 in Shandong peasant origin, had six years of pig, planted cotton, garlic, etc. 2000 into the futures market, tormented ten years 2009 to 2012, grasp the cotton, soybean meal Perhaps in the accumulation of funds, Fu Haitang and the other three differ greatly, but he is the first person who really changed from a farmer growing garlic and raising pigs to a period market legend When countless farmers are still ignorant, and even countless intellectuals do not know what the futures market is, he has foresight to enter this is both "wealth Meat grinder", is also "rich man breeding ground" of life and death field Futures market for him is a practice field, is not only the external investment ability of practice, is also the internal character of practice, willing to hardship, tough and optimistic, is the "northern beggar "style" I was born in the countryside, grew up in the countryside, from childhood to childhood not a little bitter but let me suffer the most, the biggest, or the futures market in the back and forth of the torment of the market, the pain of the overnight reverse jump, the kind of living expenses are lost after the helpless, the kind of look at the market to earn money, the kind of just a closed position market The regret of starting, the depression of seeing others making money but not making any money, the sadness of stubbornly holding on but still miserable ...... pain is lasting, but I have never been crushed by the bitterness of futures, I have always held on and firmly believe I can succeed "Fu Haitang look back on the past when lamented nearly a decade of suffering finally in 2009 ushered in the perfect ending, Fu Haitang in a chat with friends and in-laws learned that the local cotton planting area to reduce production seriously, which caused him concern about the cotton market, and thereafter after field research, comprehensive analysis, he judged that cotton must rise, and in the low price of 13,000 yuan / ton intervention, after several After a few twists and turns, the smooth ride on the cotton wind turbine, in 29,600 yuan / ton of the high position closed out, the capital grew to 120 million yuan "the way of heaven" is Fu Haitangs simple investment ideas, "the way of heaven is the market, the market has its own laws of operation, we must obey the sky, in order to gain the momentum of insight into the market Unlike the other three, Fu Haitang does not have the intention of registering a company or managing money on behalf of clients, and insists on using his own funds for trading "Many partners and investment companies have approached me, but I have politely declined them all The reason why I insist on using my own funds for trading is that the volatility of my investment fluctuates The reason why I insist on using my own funds to trade is because my investment volatility fluctuates, and customers may find it difficult to accept that they can only earn but not lose money with other peoples funds, and if they lose money from customers, I feel uneasy, which is a lot of pressure on my personal spirit" Fu Haitang told reporters that he will continue to fight in the futures market until he can no longer do it, but he does not want his children to suffer this kind of mental anguish in the futures market". In the principle of being responsible for future generations, I must make a will before I go, and my children and grandchildren would rather be beggars than enter the stock and futures market"
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