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The foreign exchange market currency pair linkage

The f cashback forexeign exchange forexrebateindonesia trading volume Forex rebate king very large every day, which is not in a quantitative level with the stock, you think about a company can be compared to a country? If you have friends to do research on the foreign exchange market can be on Baidu, Google to search Here I just want to put some notes on the foreign exchange market for a preliminary summary, is to give you a brick to lead it A, the foreign exchange market daily cashbackinforex release is very important you can refer to the FXCM daily financial calendar yen: this is a demon currency, Japans own data is basically useless, in addition to the monthly In addition to the monthly interest Forexrebateking policy release (this is very important) other data are basically ineffective and influenced by U.S. data other times are based on the determination and strength of the Japanese government intervention in the market to determine the Japanese exchange rate high or low British pound: some people say it is also a demon currency, because it fluctuates up and down a lot, I do not agree, because it has a certain rate of regulation, unlike the yen artificial intervention is very large British have a few data is more important Unemployment rate, employment figures, GDP, interest rate releases (mainly monetary policy), inflation reports, CPI, retail price index these data have a greater impact, there are 50 points to 100 points of impact of course there are other more important data: construction, manufacturing and services purchasing managers index, 1 year ago these data are still relatively large impact, the recent impact is much smaller, generally not more than 50 points of the market  The euro: the eurozone data basically has very little impact, you can not pay too much attention to the German data, especially the German IFO data, very important Australian dollar: the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, the Canadian dollar belong to the same commodity currency, especially to pay attention to the global trend of commodities, in addition to the Australian dollar by Chinese data, mainly Chinas manufacturing purchasing managers index, CPI and GDP because the Australian dollar exports commodities The main counterpart is China Chinas economic development is good or bad directly affects the trend of the Australian dollar in addition to the Australian dollar itself GDP, employment rate, interest rate policy releases are very important, especially with the monthly, weekly, daily trend chart coincide, basically 8:00 am to 10:00 am between the release of data will affect the days market, that is to say, the morning plate up, the evening plate is definitely up, and is a big rise in the morning plate down, the evening plate is definitely down New Zealand dollar: New Zealand Only the unemployment rate, GDP, interest rate policy these three data, the other are floating basically according to the movement of the Australian dollar to movement Canadian dollar: the Canadian dollar belongs to the small trading volume of currency, the general volatility of the market is small because it is affected by the United States economy, the United States data is particularly important in addition to Canadas own interest rate policy release is the largest of all data, the other individuals feel that the impact is very small United States: the most important is The impact of U.S. data on other currencies is specifically analyzed to people and other data, in addition to the non-farm unemployment rate and U.S. interest rate policy release these two very significant (1 hour up and down fluctuations will not be less than 100 points) other data are based on the days trend to determine, even if there is an impact, will also be quickly eliminated II, the foreign exchange daily trading hours The daily morning trading, that is, the Japanese plate if there is no data (especially Australian dollar), the market is light afternoon plate from 16:00, because at this time there will be important data released one after another to 18:00 British London will have decided the release of the basic pricing of global gold, so this time to run with the morning market reversal at this point, but with the development of the foreign exchange market, this reversal or large market has a tendency to extend backward (personal observation) This is the evening plate of the U.S. stock market Opening (daylight saving time 21:30, winter time 22:00), this time will determine the evening market, because the evening market than the morning market is much larger, so this time to pay special attention to continue to 2:00 in the morning basically the end of the day market, but there are always exceptions, especially when the United States 12:30 or so release interest rate policy Global foreign exchange major market opening schedule
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