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The foreign exchange account

" Forex rebate k forexrebateindonesiag cashbackinforex account" Forexrebateking a word that appears very frequently in the financial news If you do not understand the foreign exchange account, it is estimated that 20% of the financial news can not understand So what is the foreign exchange account, foreign exchange account is how to form? The following for you to explain, I hope simple and clear, we take a look at understand foreign exchange account English is Fundsoutstandingforforeignexchange, refers to the acquisition of foreign exchange assets by the central bank of the recipient country and the corresponding put the national currency because the RMB is a non-free convertible currency, foreign capital introduced into the need to convert into RMB to enter circulation, while in order to In order to maintain the stability of the RMB, the central bank uses RMB to purchase foreign exchange, thus increasing the money supply, thus forming the foreign exchange account foreign exchange account is a good thing, because it is part of the central cashback forex monetary policy, is one of the central banks important means of base money injection we know that base money injection includes the central banks initiative to put money into the market and the central banks passive purchase of foreign exchange to put money in two aspects and foreign exchange account is The way the central bank passively put the base currency is generally on the book to this step, and I am doing the practice, so I will be in the details of the foreign exchange account in the end how to form? Lets start with an international trade: the exporter exports a batch of goods, received a payment of 1 million U.S. dollars from foreign enterprises in the receipt of this money, there are two options: 1. Settlement of foreign exchange (before 2012, the Foreign Exchange Bureau requires mandatory settlement of foreign exchange, that is, enterprises must sell foreign exchange to commercial banks Foreign Exchange Bureau website on April 16, 2012 article shows that Chinas implementation of years of mandatory settlement of foreign exchange system (has been withdrawn from the historical stage, enterprises and individuals can independently retain foreign exchange income) that is, the exporter will receive 1 million U.S. dollars sold to commercial banks, in exchange for the equivalent value of RMB (we assume that the exchange rate is 6, so that the enterprise in exchange for 6 million yuan), reflected in the balance sheet of the bank, whether LC settlement or TT settlement, the bank will first receive a position of 1 million U.S. dollars, when the party should be in the balance Balance sheet is the banks liability side increased by 1 million U.S. dollars, at this point the bank can choose whether to conduct foreign exchange transactions with the central bank (transaction 1) after if the enterprise settlement, then the banks liability side reduced by 1 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 6 million yuan 2. not settle the foreign exchange enterprises themselves hold 1 million U.S. dollars, reflected in the commercial banks is the liability side increased by 1 million U.S. dollars, which is more tricky place Because the enterprise holds foreign exchange is also in the bank, of course, cash exists in the safe deposit box except; this time the bank can choose whether to conduct foreign exchange transactions with the central bank (transaction 2) we can see, whether the enterprise settlement, transaction 1 and transaction 2 steps is the formation of foreign exchange account, that is, the central bank from the commercial banks to acquire foreign exchange and the equivalent amount of RMB put so, the change of foreign exchange account and whether the enterprise settlement From the above process we can see that, from the micro point of view, in the case of surplus, the increase of foreign exchange accounts means that commercial banks sell their own foreign exchange positions to the central bank, which means that the reduction of commercial banks own foreign exchange positions, which in turn makes the cost of foreign currency funds of commercial banks increase while the new reduction of foreign exchange accounts means that The cost of foreign currency funding for commercial banks is reduced, which is also the recent situation faced by commercial banks, the cost of foreign currency financing at home and abroad gap in a sharp reduction in the macro perspective, the new foreign exchange account can be seen as the base money put, directly affecting the liquidity of the market in June last year, a major reason for the money shortage is the new increase in foreign exchange account for the month is very small May 2014, the central bank caliber new foreign exchange account for 3.61 The new foreign exchange accounts in the same period last year, the size of the new foreign exchange accounts in about 400 billion yuan, a huge disparity, but why this year there is no money shortage? Because the central bank, in addition to foreign exchange accounts, there are reverse repo, issuance of central bills and other open market operation tools to influence the base money put
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