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The essence of speculation in foreign exchange is to know how to unsettle

Any Forex rebate kingvestor, whether he cashbackinforex new or old cashback forex forexrebateindonesia people, or even world-class investment gurus, it is difficult to avoid this experience --- after buying foreign exchange set analysis of a large number of cases, people found such a phenomenon: the real investment experts, often quickly from being set free, while many new foreign exchange people are likely to be caught in the quagmire of long-term set  Why are those investment gurus able to unwind easily? The reason for this is that they have been in a long-term professional battle, the formation of the sea of exchange to fight the ability to unsettle the new foreign exchange is required to go through a number of sets before slowly practicing the ability to unsettle the end, the problem is a speculation level of the problem may be said, unsettlement is the essence of speculative skills Pen touch to this, I recall an interesting story circulating in the Buddhist community, the name is through It tells the story of two monks who were walking by the river and saw fishermen casting their nets to catch fish, catching many fish in the net. He said, "Why didnt they get into the net in the first place?" He said, "Wouldnt it have been better if the fish hadnt been caught in the net in the first place? So, the Zen master said, "Brother, you lack enlightenment. He meant, you lack enlightenment, those fish that did not get into the net, once caught in the net, whether they can jump out, this is a big question, is a different matter In the exchange Forexrebateking, how many people can jump out when caught in the net? This is certainly not a Buddhist problem, but the big question of the philosophy of survival in the foreign exchange market Undoubtedly, but all enter the foreign exchange market, inevitably towards the set, in order to win the battle in the foreign exchange sea, it is necessary to practice a kind of through the net gold scales skills Once set off the financial turmoil sweeping Southeast Asia, the worlds investment guru Soros, also had the experience of being set in the foreign exchange market He believes that the key to investment is to know how to survive, learn to escape from death he said Soros believes that everyone has their own limitations, although investors are not sure when their choice of foreign exchange is right or wrong, but in the event of a mistake, it is better to withdraw from the investment early than late, which is like a snake bite finger However, the more late the decision is made, the more the snake venom will slowly penetrate the whole body until a persons death However, the decisive break finger and how much courage and wisdom a person needs!  Soross concept, forcing him to sometimes take strange actions in the currency market, such as selling at a low price, buying at a high price like in the 1987 currency market, he sold the currency at a low price at the time, some people were puzzled by his actions, Soros said, I do so, in order to be able to come back tomorrow, continue to fight a great man can bend and stretch, a temporary retreat is the need for investment strategy I do not want to wake up after the After the 1987 U.S. stock market collapse, Soros withdrew his capital long ago to avoid greater harm to this, his partner Jim Marks believes that this is Soross difference at the time many people do not believe that the stock market will collapse, more reluctant to withdraw from the stock market but Soros withdrew, he had enough confidence to support him to do so for the future can still come back to fight, I Soros said Sure enough, in late 1987, Soros made a comeback and achieved great success As the saying goes, stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood; endure a moment of calm, a step back to the sea and the sky these vitality of the warning maxim, in fact, is also leading the people in the exchange of the sea of survival motto Soros in the currency market using this philosophy of survival, some people think he is a conservative, in fact, that is One-sided understanding to know that the greatest adventurers, usually seemingly fanatical, reckless, but in fact, they may be the most far-sighted, the most prudent people around us Investors in the foreign exchange market, is to practice a kind of active unsettlement ability, no such ability must not survive in the foreign exchange market foreign exchange market is a highly variable market, any news can influence the movement of the exchange rate. Investors are in it, sometimes it is difficult to judge the truth of the matter, often when the currency market to form a head, out of the down channel, only to find the true value of the news, wake up to the action when the exchange rate has gone down the drain Therefore, investors in the plate found that the direction of the movement of the exchange rate, not in accordance with the movement of their own ideas when the trajectory, the most sensible operating strategy is to withdraw in time to leave, exit to wait and see believe that as long as Investors learn this trick, there is a greater chance in the ever-changing foreign exchange market by the wind and waves up, sitting on a fishing boat
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