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The essence of forex trading is one word!

people who have just entered the industry, may trade haphazardly, a variety of open Forex rebate king close positions, their hearts also drift with the position then, some of them cashback forex try to use some ideas to guide, fix, even out their own transactions to offset the r cashbackinforexk, they use some superpower predictions, gossip, science, mathematics and other methods to guide their own transactions, philosophy is also one of them, is considered the last kind of I was engaged in trading, the initial intention is forexrebateindonesia to make money. It was because I had learned a little something in philosophy some insights, need a thing to verify their theoretical ideas, the ideal verification of things must constantly generate unpredictable random events for my experiments began with coins, but with coins to generate random numbers is very laborious, I switched to poker, a little better, still rudimentary later I thought of the financial speculation market, can constantly generate random events for my verification, so I entered the business a person can trade by feeling, but also by mathematics, philosophy trading but in the end, you will find that everything is unreal what science and philosophy, what mathematics and money, are false you can only trade by Forexrebateking how can love be used to guide trading, ha ha, love can be used not only to guide trading, but also to guide all things, you can even say that everything in this world, the ultimate guideline Only love everything else, everything is a floating cloud ========================================== may see the officers are annoyed, anxious to know this love, how to guide the transaction is not anxious, now tell you love your position you do not have to do anything, as long as the position is open nothing will be, as long as you love your position is good everything If you love your position, it is like loving your closest person If you love your position, how can you bear to end it easily? If you want your loved one to live long enough, I believe you will not set a stop loss that is too small and then stay with her, watching him be born, grow, grow strong, age, die and die - all life will die, everything will return to dust, so will your position but she will never Regret, because from birth to death, you accompanied its life she came, you pay, she left, you lost this is the law of nature However, she left you something - money you can certainly miss her, find a place to pay tribute to her, and then, wipe the tears, everything starts again open positions, stop loss, and then open positions, stop loss again The universe is so cyclical not only positions, try to love your life, love everything around you, or distant stars this is absolutely the only thing worth doing in the second half of your life have love, you have everything no love, you will lose everything =================================== OK, people are tired of reading, what? You say let those damn math philosophy and love get away, I want just money so let me make it simple, as long as possible to hold a position, is the essence of your profit (as long as possible without killing you) to see the masters and low hands of the difference between only one, how long to hold a position, or trading frequently? Can you do it without love? Love is constant patience and kindness; love is not jealous; love is not boastful, not wild, not shy, not seeking their own benefit, not easily angered, not calculating peoples evil, do not like injustice, only like the truth; all things inclusive, all things believe, all things hope, all things patience love is never-ending traders must be correctly understood trading to be clear that holding a position and trading are two different things trading is a verb, is an action words The majority of people in the world feel uncomfortable if they are not trading and do not appear to be capable traders if they do not enter and exit the market frequently, and do not keep an eye on the market every day to analyze and buy and sell smartly, as if they cannot show their wisdom. But his heart and hands never worry too much or easily change his position trend is complete, the price movement pattern will tell him that he should put profits in the bag, this time, he naturally harvest their positions, as for the next single whether to enter, how to enter, when to enter, that depends on the price trend itself and his work and leisure time arrangements, and the opportunity to profit, always everywhere! But it is strange to say that such a simple way to make profits, investors or traders always fail to do so, what is the reason? Im afraid its the same as what Lao Tzu said, that the real profitable people are in the "great wisdom" of keeping quiet and being soft, while those who have the "thrill of trading" are the "strugglers". The "great foolishness" of buying and selling tossed in the author: I love Cang Lao Shi
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