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Sirius XM Stock Price Today

If you are looking for a company that is involved in the audio entertainment industry, you should consider a stock such as Sirius XM Holdings Inc. This is a company that provides radio services to millions of listeners across the U.S. It operates two separate segments, including Pandora and SiriusXM. Each segment is focused on a different part of the business.

The Pandora business provides a music streaming platform that allows listeners to choose from an array of music genres and artists, as well as create personalized stations and playlists. In addition, the company also offers a podcast streaming service. Using this platform, you can discover new content and tune in to the latest shows and podcasts.

Additionally, the SiriusXM business offers national and regional sports channels and talk programs. Moreover, you can access real-time traffic and weather information. Finally, the company provides satellite television services to viewers. Lastly, the company also offers Travel Link data services.

The Sirius XM service is delivered via satellite radio systems. The stations are proprietary, which means that they are not available on traditional terrestrial radio stations. However, you can find Sirius XM radios on a variety of vehicles in the U.S. You can also purchase the service online and subscribe to it through a radio provider.

Besides music, the Sirius XM business also broadcasts news, talk and comedy channels. They also offer a variety of limited-run channels that are focused on specific genres of music. Similarly, the company also offers sports channels and live play-by-play sports from various leagues. The company has announced that it will open a state-of-the-art broadcasting center in Miami, Florida in 2023. These facilities will include office space and recording studios, as well as artist-first radio studios.

The Sirius XM stock price today has shown an increase of 1.52% on its closing price of $5.91 on January 12th. During this trading session, the stock traded at a high of $6 per share. Nonetheless, the company"s stock has also lost a significant amount of value over the past year. Consequently, the stock is currently trading at a loss of 5.21 percent, as of the end of the last quarter.

When looking at the overall value of the company, you should note that the Sirius XM market cap is calculated by dividing the current stock price by the number of outstanding shares.

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