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The best tool to control risk - stop loss

&nb Forexrebateking; The worlds investment guru Soros said, investment itself Forex rebate king forexrebateindonesia risky, out of control investment is risky foreign exchange pass financial investment training pointed out to avoid risk to learn to stop cashbackinforex, stop loss is far more important than profit, because at any time preservation is the first, profit is the second, the establishment of a reasonable stop loss principle is quite effective, prudent stop loss principle of The core is not to let losses continue to exp cashback forex stop loss is the best tool to control the risk of trading, can not be used and a considerable number of traders do not set a stop loss, which means they use unlimited risk to fight the limited profits, the result is often a single loss caused by hundreds of points or even thousands of points of loss stop loss is a very deep study, set a stop loss is the magnitude of the stop loss is not only associated with the total funds, but also with the market in the support, support, profitability, the second place. And to combine with the market support, Yin force level can never be set to a fixed number of points, for example, set 30 points, 50 points such a stop loss often appear to be knocked off the price and then turn back in other words, the effectiveness of such a stop loss is too poor, was knocked off the price trend can not prove a reversal of many traders finally burst positions are due to a number of single was wrongly stopped out for traders, the mindset is also a risk One of the elements of prevention, most traders in the beginning of the transaction there is fear, nervousness, capricious situation, which is normal, and if you do a few years or so is not normal, nervousness may be the wrong single, can not hold a single capricious is to do wrong do not know repentance, a mistake again and again this is very terrible metaphor, the trend down, he continued to do more, the results of continuous losses and even the more losses The more positions, and finally the account margin shortage occurred burst position to improve their own stop loss and risk awareness helps investors to develop good trading habits, so as to avoid the risks in the market, so as to minimize losses, so that the passive for the initiative, invincible in the foreign exchange market
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