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The best foreign exchange trading time (Beijing time)

1, 5-14 am Forex rebate king cashbackinforex generally Forexrebateking its light this is mainly due to the Asian market to promote the power of the smaller for! General oscillation range within 30 points, there is no obvious direction for the adjustment and retracement of the market is generally the opposite of the direction of the day, such as: if the trend of the day up, then this period is mostly a small oscillation of the decline in the market at this forexrebateindonesia cashback forexcause most of the direction is not available, margin traders can be observed at about 6-8 am, if the market for the upper and lower wave oscillation pattern (see 15 minutes or 5 minutes of the If the market is up and down wave oscillation pattern (look at the 15-minute or 5-minute graph), you can make a 5-15 point operation when the market oscillates to both ends, only put a stop win without short term stop loss can be if you cant make money out after 11:00 then you have to close your position and stop loss in time. 2, noon 14-18 points for the European morning market, 15 points after a general market Europe began trading after the funds will increase, the foreign exchange market is a money pile market, so there is a large amount of money will be there Chen grand fluctuations and this period will also be accompanied by some influential data on European currencies announced! The general oscillation amplitude in about 40-80 points foreign exchange, foreign exchange market, foreign currency, exchange rate, speculation, margin this period of time will generally start after 15:30 real market, the market half will be accompanied by more than half of the technical indicators such as divergence and breakthrough, so it is a relatively good opportunity to catch 3, evening 18-20 points for the European noon break and the early morning of the American market, more light! This period is the midday break in Europe, but also waiting for the eve of the start of the United States 4, 20 points - 24 points for the afternoon session of the European market and the morning session of the American market! This time is the biggest fluctuations in the market, but also the amount of money and the number of participants in the most time foreign exchange, foreign exchange, foreign currency, exchange rates, speculation, margin generally for more than 80 points of the market this time will be completely in accordance with the direction of todays action, so judge this time the market will have to follow the drama of the big trend, it can be and Europe is the same direction of the river can be and Europe is the opposite direction, in short, should be consistent with the big trend 5. After 24:00 to early morning, for the United States afternoon plate, generally at this time has come out of the larger market, this period of time more for the technical adjustment of the previous market In fact, foreign exchange traders in China have other time zones can not be compared to the advantages of time, is to be able to seize 15:00 to 24:00 of this volatile maximum time period, its for the general investors are engaged in non-foreign exchange professional work, 5:00 p.m. after work to 24:00 this time is free time, just can be used to do foreign exchange investment, do not have to work for the distraction of the general trading habits is that the afternoon 15-18 points into the single set a good stop loss, stop is to see the specific technical discipline, such as divergence and resistance levels, etc. also do not have to keep an eye on the plate 17:00, 17:30-18:00, 20:15-21:00 (winter zero hour for plus one hour) After every 20-30 minutes to see once to catch up with the afternoon investors of course have to wait until the evening and then trade, but it is best to wait until after 20:30, this half is the second time the market began, that is, until the end of the European noon break, the Americas opened so far if there is important data released to be very careful, at this time due to the huge fluctuations venue cheat line, do not blindly quasi-potential, you can Effectively avoid cheating line can be said that God has created an incomparable trading time for people in the Chinese time zone, so that we can try to concentrate on the case of trading, you can take advantage of it!
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