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Technical indicators - net volume

net forexrebateindonesia ( Forex rebate king), also known as energy tide, cashbackinforex to quantify the volume of transactions, made into a trend curve, with the cashback forex rate trend curve, from the relationship between price changes Forexrebateking the increase or decrease in trading volume, speculate on the market atmosphere OBV theory is based on the market price changes must be matched by the volume of transactions, the price of rise and fall without an increase or decrease in trading volume, the market price movement is unsustainable due to the large investors of long and short selling are carried out in the dark, so the theory of OBV is hoped to be able to project the internal situation of the market from the relationship between price changes and trading volume is in the long or short selling phase (1) Calculation formula: VA = VX{(CL)(HC)}/(HC) VA: net value of trading volume H. Maximum price C: closing price L: minimum price V: trading volume (2) Notes: (a) the days closing price is higher than yesterdays closing price, the days trading volume for positive values; vice versa for negative values; consolidation is zero a series of time of positive and negative trading volume cumulative sum, is the OBV value (b) the OBV value of the points are connected into a line, and the exchange rate curve side by side in the same chart, view its changes (c) OBV rise and fall is not meaningful (d) the price trend is more or less linked to changes in trading volume, but when the OBV curve moves almost parallel to the price, no buying and selling significance (e) OBV and the price curve divergent trend, can be used to determine whether the current market is more investment or short selling (3) the application of the law: (a) when the exchange rate rises and the OBV line falls, indicating a lack of energy, the exchange rate may fall; when the exchange rate falls while the OBV line rises, indicating strong buying, the exchange rate may rise (b) when the exchange rate rises while the OBV line synchronized with a slow rise, continue to be bullish on the currency market (c) when the OBV line surges, regardless of whether the exchange rate is up or down, indicating that the energy is about to run out, the exchange rate may rebound (d) OBV line is based on volume changes in statistics, and any material is not related to the pure technical analysis (e) OBV is an important indicator of short-term market measurement, but to cooperate with other technical indicators to determine the trend (f) OBV line can help determine the direction of development after the currency market breakthrough consolidation (g) OBV line trend can partially show the direction of major capital movements within the market, showing the current unusual excess trading volume is hovering at low prices or at high prices, so that investors can gain insight into the reasons for the markets internal (h) OBV line on the second peak of the double top to determine a more standard display, when the exchange rate from the first peak of the double top down and back up again, such as the OBV line can rise in tandem with the exchange rate, is a sustained multi-investment market and will appear higher peaks Conversely, when the exchange rate rises again when the OBV line failed to synchronize but see a decline, it may form a second peak, completing the double top, will lead to a reversal of the exchange rate down (i ) OBV line can not be applied to futures because futures have a delivery date, the closer to the delivery date the more active trading volume, so OBV will be distorted by the impact of distorted signals and distortion
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