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Stable and profitable foreign exchange trader must comply with the principles

First of all, position management in fact, in foreign exchange to talk about position management Forex rebate king a bit inaccurate, accurately said should be stop- forexrebateindonesia settings foreign exchange sometimes there will be rapid Forexrebateking large fluctuations, such as the last U.S. Swiss, several thousand points of fluctuations, you are one tenth of the position is estimated to be enough to explode several times, so this thing to talk about position management is a bit unable to keep up with the response can only Is the single at the same time with a stop loss, but also the funds can be allocated to several different accounts this is a security issue, the topic is a little far away from the wooden way conditioned reflexes, used to the second is to find their own way you are cashbackinforexing what angle of the single for example, there are doing arbitrage, there are doing crossover, medium-term, short term and so on you determine what you are looking to do and combined with the options to do, complex let me be afraid of the principle of a stop loss The first thing is to set a stop loss, this is the safety belt secondly, the position of the stop loss must be set above the previous high or below the previous low position, this is a relatively safe position, and finally, set the stop loss do cashback forex move, can not be price fluctuations scared to run out of the market in advance, the principle is the principle, wrong is wrong, since the single stop loss has been set up, do not move, and then move to show that you have no principle. Then move it means you do not have the principle, or you randomly under the single, since it has been done can not move until you hit your stop loss, this is the principle principle two maximum daily loss amount: to do transactions is to try to reduce losses, profit expansion, so profitable single, to constantly track the stop to let profits run, single loss, we should try to control the loss, the maximum daily loss amount, shall not More than 4%, that is, the wrong 2 single today is determined not to do, if you do it again will often affect the state of mind, trading in a more peaceful state completed below, if you do it again, it must not do well, so you need to reflect on the summary, this is the principle principle three each do a single it is the nature of what to define clearly, never take the short term single into the medium, take the medium into the short term The short term is the short term, before the single, the mind should be clear about the nature of the single they do, is a short term single that should be fast in and fast out, earn on the run, is a medium-term single, to hold, to reach the profit target and then out, did not reach the profit target, do not meet the premise of the profit and loss ratio, the single resolutely not out, long-term so persist, will certainly be able to stable profitability execution: execution is what? The execution is not to consider too much on the execution! In the foreign exchange market, the price is ever-changing, we can only go looking for what we think is a low-risk, high-probability trading opportunities to do when meeting these trading opportunities, we have to do is decisively open a position, do not hesitate, and strictly do so if we arbitrarily spontaneous to do, no principle of guidance, coupled with no execution, this side to do a single, over there to do a single, how can it be stable you have may earn some in the short term, but long-term down, how can make money, this is an impossible event, so we need to do is need a set of their own system when they set up this system of trading signals, decisive to do, has been strictly enforced, some people will say I also follow their own trading system to do ah, the results are still the old loss of money, can not be stable, which means that you The forex trading system those rules, is not perfect enough to achieve the goal of stable profitability, need to continue to improve and improve, only then, have a complete set of complete trading system, and strict implementation of the long-term down to a stable state profit-loss ratio: profit-loss ratio is also very important why? If your stop loss are 60 points, and you think, as long as you earn 30 points a day, you can stabilize the profit, the idea is right, and then you go to the implementation of the stop loss are 60 points earned 30 points you out, long-term, this is not possible, the method is also undesirable, the result of doing so is easy to earn a small loss then how do we do it, we have to do is to find the right stop loss point, the right The first target point, the appropriate first target point and the appropriate stop loss point is at least 1:1 or more, because only in this way can achieve break-even and profit is greater than the loss of all each time before making a deal to look above and below the size of the space, to see if the profit and loss ratio to meet the conditions do not meet the conditions to give up the opportunity to trade this is also one of the principles Author: wood
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