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Speculation should have the seven hearts

  Speculation forexrebateindonesia foreign exchange requires quality, Forex rebate king cashbackinforex extremely high quality only technology without quality, technology is always just a tool, cashback forex Forexrebateking be sublimated, can not sublimated technology certainly can not last long Chiang Kai-shek back in the year the army as the fundamental to the existence of their rivers and mountains, while Mao Zedong believes that the military is only one of the means of political struggle old Mao to a thinkers The identity of his army as a chess piece, Chiang has always been entangled in the whirlpool of the military factions, always a warlord level, so defeat is inevitable And a successful speculator needs what qualities, this article attempts to interpret this issue from the perspective of the heart: 1, sincerity As the saying goes: the heart is sincere then the spirit of people say that one of the most just places in the world is the currency market, it is impartial to anyone, whether it is institutions or Small scattered, as long as you follow the right laws, who can profit in the market and self-deception will only cause their own losses, big words are not supported, more unlikely to be able to find an object like other areas of life can complain and shirk sincerity means that you speak to yourself, you have to really put the body, mind and intellect into the object you are pursuing, and even to reach a state of faith. With devotion to face, not in which you want to speculate to take shortcuts 2, meditation The old saying: aloof and clear, serene and distant a mind filled with chaos, noise and arrogance is difficult to see the true face of things, because you have been blinded by your delusion and obsession I mind, can not be open to accept other different, but also can not sit patiently and carefully to observe and study your object so, full of noise The place is mostly empty, only meditation and tranquility party has to make room to accept, analyze, filter, integrate your information and thought inspiration often occurs either in the early morning or late at night, some writers also like to write late at night is the reason 3, painstaking heart As the saying goes: the yellow sky does not bear the painstaking heart anything to achieve qualitative change, must need to have the accumulation of quantitative change painstaking heart means that your input is huge, energy The greater the investment of energy, knowledge, economic loss, the less easy to know and difficult to do, only to be an ascetic to survive in this place full of unknown and dangerous 4, confidence Confidence I personally think more should be used in your learning and your operation encounter setbacks whenever you have the confidence to believe that you can find the real way, always maintain a positive attitude but, it is best not to let too much confidence in the participation of your investment decisions, the investment decision-making process is the process of practice, as the saying goes: planning things in people, success in the world is more difficult to predict, if you are in an operation to analysis, judgment and the resulting confidence too much to put in it, once the accident, it is difficult to change your view at this point, so the operation should be treated with a normal heart, reverence, gratitude, and do good and bad two-handed preparation not a rise on Confident, excited abnormal, take themselves as God, a fall and blame God, so not lost in addition, after winning the confidence can also help you pursue a higher realm so, confidence is always a motivation, and can not be involved in too much of the decision-making process 5, wisdom (enlightenment) to have wisdom is not simple, it requires a combination of several hearts to achieve: (1) inclusive heart: that is, to be fair, objective thinking and mind Right to affirm, wrong to admit; say you good to accept, say you bad also to reflect on reducing unnecessary arguments, let go of the obsession I, multiple references, is inclusive (2) curiosity: with an open mind to consider a variety of possibilities and inclusive mind is basically the same, but beyond the inclusive mind inclusive inclusive, always inseparable from the scope of a package, but curiosity is different, it is more open attitude, a broader level to Seeing and accepting the world can be said to have reached a state of kung fu outside the poem, this kind of mind mostly in children and philosophers have (3) logical mind: tolerance and curiosity is only the beginning of wisdom, that is, to learn you first have to turn yourself into a sponge - with the function of attraction the first two mind is this role next, you also need to have the ability to integrate information and knowledge, the use of logical analogies, induction and other analytical methods to Digest and process the information and knowledge you receive Of course, there are many tools to help us analyze the economy, society and the currency market, you such as: mathematics, economics, military strategy and other higher-level tools (4) create the heart: receive and digest the knowledge, is still not enough to stay at this level, you can only do a theorist at best, because the most important point is that you do not have their own original in this market, no It is impossible to survive in this market without your own originality, because others are always others, it is impossible to completely copy you copy the technology, you can not copy others personality, physique and capital scale and so on more objective things so, only your own originality, that is, suitable for you is the best so, you need more on the basis of the aforementioned integration, by self epiphany to create a set of methods for your own, this no one can Alternative so that you have completed a wise and wonderful process 6, patience The old saying that money does not enter the door in a hurry either knowledge or wealth accumulation is the need for time in learning, you may encounter a plateau at one stage, how hard it is difficult to move forward a step like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in the case, often encountered many such short-circuit thinking situation, when he often take a break and wait for the If you confirm that you have enough wisdom to absorb knowledge, patient waiting should be the next best option so-called, the end of the mountain and the end of the road, and the end of the village and a village and a village. The market is not going to pay for your house, it only goes according to its rhythm, all we have to do is wait, wait for the right time and the accumulation of wealth requires the combined effect of knowledge and capital, so patience is necessary 7, ruthlessness People say no poison is not a husband in this capital market full of unknown and dangerous, accidentally financial freedom will not achieve will become financial Suicide if you lack a great husbands courage, the critical moment of your indecision, the resulting either missed opportunities or into disaster Investment is a war! What is war, Sun Tzu said: the soldier, the countrys major event, the place of death and life, the way of survival, can not be ignored also war, a matter of national importance, related to life and death survival, can not be careful and cautious treatment since investment is full of unknown and dangerous war, is a story about family matters, about you and your family survival and development, which has to be taken seriously So, in the threat to your principal and some operating principles of the time When the break is broken, to have enough ruthlessness, not ruthless point how to survive in the battlefield? Too kind, too believe in others more can not make things happen you need to have a comprehensive ability, you also need to have a cold heart, without any emotion to follow the facts, follow the truth is the right way so, in the investment, you need to have both courage and ruthlessness, but also strategy, do a wise and brave warrior 
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