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Several types of foreign exchange short term trading

What are the types of foreign exchange short term forexrebate Forexrebatekingdonesia? There are several common types of foreign exchange short term trading: intraday swing, overnight positions, speculative single, intraday two-way, in addition to short term arbitrage 1, intraday unidirectional-based trading transactions in the direction of the judgment of the market cashback forex, when the market does not proceed or pause in th Forex rebate king direction, timely exit cashbackinforex wait for the next favorable entry point to come The essence of this modus operandi is to trade on the trend, through frequent entry and exit to preserve This approach is very different from the average trend trader: the average trend trader always loses part of his profit in the reverse trend adjustment (even because of the inertia of the trend direction leads to reverse win to loss), at the same time, because this Short-term way always in time to cash profits, repeatedly enter, naturally, each time the open position is greater than before, but also to improve the margin of profit a period of trend down, even with the general trend traders get the same point space, its profits will be much higher than the general trend traders (this is the charm of "level trading"!) Although many of the entry points for this type of trading are in positions that seem to be "against the market", it does not change the essence of "trend trading" This type of trading must have a "prior" trend If the premise is wrong, it is impossible to have good performance This type of trading is not well adapted to the intra-day oscillating market without a trend, and to the single direction is too strong, so that there is little room for adjustment of the type of trend market, this type of trading often gets less space than the average trend traders, and even generate losses when the rhythm is disrupted This type of trading, such as trading level is too poor, frequent in and out Although there is an analysis that this way is not a true short term, it is worth recommending to many trend traders for a very simple reason: this way of trading not only avoids the formation of trend inertia thinking, after the trend to the top or bottom of the spit back profits or even reverse win for loss, but also by In addition, even if the trend has not been judged to have ended, will also be able to react after 1 or 2 counter-trade, timely adjustment of the original trend direction judgment and preserve profitability to stop losses This kind of trading to overcome the common "afraid to win" mentality Also have some help, but also from the general trend traders to the real short term trading operation transition, a good way to transition 2, intra-day (two-way) swing traders this way the basis and intra-day one-way market trading similar, but different, its judgment of the line table more in-depth and more stage, it not only tries to judge the trend of the market, but also to judge the possible evolution of the market stage and the current stage in the On top of this, the intraday swing trader is relatively comfortable with trading in the same trend process, in different directions naturally, the profit margin is more developed, but if the level is not, it is more likely to lose money, and more easily than the previous type This type of trading makes up for the shortcomings of the previous one, and expands the type of market and space for trading (it can cope with both trend and oscillation quotes), which can be said to be a natural expansion of the previous type of trading. In practical training, it is also recommended to carry out a gradual expansion from general trend trading - intra-day unidirectional-oriented trading - intra-day (two-way) swing trading process - this is only For the real short term trading types (especially the so-called newcomers to the market), it is not recommended to use this gradual approach, but to use the "direct and complete trading by feel" approach. "The level of the first two approaches is reflected both in the ability to judge the market and its phases (the basis of its judgment is that "the market or the population in most cases evolves in a "fixed" and Self-verification of the "continuous" (these will be discussed in detail in the next few topics)", but also in the judgment of the rapid correction (that is, the ability to quickly confirm the status of the market and in addressing inertia thinking) 3, speculative single trader speculative single trader is different from the last two types, it is actually is a "risk-free profit using market inertia" type said it "risk-free", refers to a certain degree of market sense and operating ability, on the basis of market inertia, rapid entry and exit can be obtained with minimal risk of profit a Plate sense is better or market experience and can relax their own trading people, in fact, the market in a short period of time have a very sensitive and accurate perception of the direction, the perception without any delay into action, is the way speculative single trading this way does not need to judge the trend, but also do not need to see what graphics, only with the help of instant flow transaction status and instant pending order status can be operated do not underestimate this way, this way of security is very high, although often only take 2 points on the field, the long-term accumulation of very substantial profits, of course, this also gets a certain level, otherwise transaction costs and each loss of 1 to 2 points of the accumulation is enough to kill you in addition, the speculative single stop loss is very strict, the maximum will not allow a loss of more than 5 basic points or 5% of all funds 4, overnight positions this way The basis of this approach is actually very similar to the first two categories, the difference is the operating time frame and modus operandi, in the afternoon before the close of business into the morning before the opening that is to leave very experienced traders are generally very familiar with the modus operandi of the market majors, basically you can get a better tail and opening position, but if the market is not enough in the internal evolution of literacy, it is also easy to cause great losses (therefore, it is not recommended to not to (Therefore, it is not recommended that traders who have not reached a certain level adopt this approach) This approach is applicable to the intra-day space is not large, but always jump open trading varieties, and the jump open less varieties, there is no value of using short arbitrage trading is also a type of short term, but because it uses the techniques and ideas and general short term is too different, and its operational efficiency is far lower than the general short term way, it will not be discussed 5, the real Short term trading in addition to arbitrage trading, all the above short term trading type of synthesis it is based on the market and the crowd inherent relatively continuous evolution of the stereotype and excellent grasp of market inertia, and the latter prevails, frequent two-way trading
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