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The Forex Introducing Broker Agreement

In the course of marketing a product, GAIN and its Introducing Brokers will often exchange names. The names of each party should not be used in any way that could mislead customers. Listed below are some of the terms and conditions that are often included in these agreements. These are intended to protect the interests of both parties. However, these provisions do not prevent the parties from using their names in other ways. While these are not the only terms and conditions, these agreements are an important part of the forex industry.

The Introducing Broker s obligations and rights are transferable. The Introducing Broker may transfer all or part of its rights and obligations to another 100% subsidiary of Man Group. However, it must obtain the prior written consent of the Broker before making such a transfer. Any transfer or assignment of the rights and obligations should be notified to the PCC as soon as possible. In the event that the Introducing Broker is terminated in breach of clause 17, this clause will not apply to the Introducing Broker.

The Introducing Broker must adhere to reasonable operational requirements. The PCC may impose reasonable operational requirements from time to time. However, the Broker must still comply with these requirements in order to continue offering the Services. In the event that the Broker s operations are terminated, it must provide reasonable assistance to the PCC in the transition of the Services to a third party. The PCC is also required to pay the appropriate amount of value added tax.

The Introducing Broker should inform the PCC of any change in legislation that could affect the introducing broker. The Broker must also inform the Introducing Broker if a change in pricing arises. The PCC and Introducing Broker should negotiate the terms of these changes in the Agreement. These changes should be minimal in nature. But in cases where the introducing broker and the PCC make major changes to their pricing, the Introducing Broker will ensure that their responsibilities are met.

The Introducing Broker is compensated on the volume of volume that the referred traders trade. In this way, the introducing broker is motivated to see the new traders succeed. Some introducing brokers offer rebates for successful referrals. These rebates are percentages of the commission earned by the referred trader. These rebates make it possible for the introducing broker to earn more money than they did from their first deal. This makes the Introducing Brokership worth its weight in gold.

If the Introducing Broker and the PCC are at odds over a certain situation, the PCC has the right to ask the introducing Broker to settle the dispute. This allows the Broker to protect itself against the consequences of the failure of the referral. In such a case, the PCC may instruct the Introducing Broker to open further Accounts for the customers. The Broker must notify the PCC and the Introducing Broker before making any decisions regarding the Account.

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