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OptionForwardExchangeContractsWhat is OptionForwardExchangeContracts OptionForwardExchangeContracts are forward cashbackinforex exchange contracts that do not fix a delivery date Analysis of OptionForwardExchangeContracts When the two parties to the transaction sign a forward contract, only determine the Forex rebate king of the transaction, the amount, the exchange rate and the term, but the specific delivery date is not fixed, but Forexrebatekingpecify a period of time, the parties can choose the delivery date within this period of time when the delivery of currency is only fixed between two dates, can be between the date of signing the contract and the expiration date, or between two specific dates in the future, and by the customer to choose the date of delivery because the banks customers are often not very sure when to recover the export of foreign currency revenue, or not sure what date the imports arrive, what date should pay the loan. If you do a fixed date of foreign exchange trading contracts, it is likely that the receivable is still received, or payable for some reason can not technology out, resulting in foreign exchange contracts difficult to implement, at this time the customer will have to do through the optional forward foreign exchange contracts to get rid of foreign exchange risk The general rules of the optional offer is the bank to give the customer the worst exchange rate, the following offer from the banks point of view, assuming that the forexrebateindonesia.S. cashback forex is the local currency, the pricing principles of the optional sale and purchase of foreign currency are as follows.  The first case: dollar discount/foreign currency appreciation, forward option offer will be: (1) when the bank sells foreign currency, buy U.S. dollars, charge the member after the day of the dollar discount/foreign currency appreciation (2) when the bank buys foreign currency, sell U.S. dollars, sweeping period if from the current period, then do not give U.S. dollars, appreciation/foreign currency appreciation such as option between two dates, give the first day of the U.S. dollar discount/accretion The second case: dollar appreciation, foreign can (1) When a bank sells foreign currency and buys U.S. dollars, the option period, if it starts from the current period, will not give U.S. dollar, U.S. dollar premium/foreign currency discount If the option period is between two dates, give U.S. dollar premium/foreign currency discount of the first day (2) When a bank buys foreign currency and sells U.S. dollars, charge U.S. dollar premium/foreign currency discount of the last day The third situation: foreign currency from appreciation to discount, or team discount to appreciation (1) When a bank sells foreign currency and buys U.S. dollars, charge the highest U.S. dollar premium/foreign currency discount of the period (2) When the bank buys foreign currencies and sells dollars, the highest dollar premium/discount of the period is charged
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