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Newcomers to the market six major hurdles

 The first hurdle:  All roads lead to Rome can choose many different tra forexrebateind cashback forexesiaing methods to my previous training our trading hands experience, you can train yourself with such a journey first, first Forexrebateking on solving the good-looking chart skills 30 minutes, 2 hours, 8 hours, daily chart, weekly chart mainly focused on the wandering area breakthrough awareness and the way to do business th cashbackinforex Need a period of time to do a good job of training simulation after slowly start a small amount of real money to start because beginners fail is very normal first in a variety of different time baskets to screen the direction, screen the turn of the potential aspects of the effort This is the first level Second level:  After a certain amount of confidence in the work of looking at the chart, you can start to learn how to analyze the impact of news on the Forex rebate king basically, in the bull market, the market Ignore the news, in the bear market, the market ignore the good news this is the attitude of the market to the news to know this most fundamental market common sense for example, in the bear market, the market began to react to the good news began to have a week or two, that would indicate that the medium-term turn in the chart can be confirmed that this is a simple technical analysis and basic analysis of the cooperation to see the news, to know where the focus of the market at the time market The focus often changes to keep abreast of the changes in the focus of the market is the focus of basic analysis to grasp the focus on the basic analysis has a certain basis after learning the operation of the options market This is the second level The third level:  The impact of the options market on the currency market is very important to learn how to deploy options with the issue of spot trading options is a discipline as individual investors should also learn Basic questions such as how the large investors deploy options, what kind of situation with what kind of options deployment, and so on learning the deployment of options to understand the true nature of the currency market is a great help to the insider door is talking about where the options outside the door is talking about resistance and support where this is the third level Fourth level:  Options aspects have a certain understanding of the other markets to learn after the exchange market is Part of the financial market other markets, such as the stock market, real estate market, bond market, the knowledge of the operation of the commodity market those markets and the interrelationship of the exchange market to remember that a variety of markets are also crossed situation into the focus of the financial market timely find the focus of the financial market on the operation of the exchange market is also very critical is also to grasp the focus of the financial market at the time with it to do the exchange market trading for example, the commodity market into the intersection of the financial market which is Fourth level Fifth level:  Basically, we have to work hard to learn so much is also a learning curve while slowly learning, while slowly doing small business can not hurt the most important thing is to have real-world experience in real-world experience to learn how to do risk management, capital management laymen talk about how many times to win risk management, the problem of capital management is the fifth level Sixth level learn good After the above things, more important, more critical is to practice their own psychological quality market is the most hated proud, lazy, inexperienced, undisciplined participants unfortunately most people belong to this category in the market the key to success or failure lies in the investors psychological quality, does not lie in his market knowledge and experience on the market knowledge of the average person can learn after a period of time, however, how to train their own psychological quality The psychological quality of the market is related to the long-term success or failure of the problem is also related to the question of how to behave This is also related to the most important capital management, risk management issues This is the most difficult, the highest stage of the sixth level most people can not pass this level
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