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Newcomers should how to speculate in foreign exchange is better

foreign Forex rebate king cashbackinforex free to buy forexrebatein cashback forexnesia sell, free circulation of currency, the yuan can Forexrebateking be freely exchanged abroad, so the yuan is not foreign exchange a currency exchange for another currency are exchange rates, the exchange rate is called the exchange rate foreign exchange margin trading it is to earn the exchange rate fluctuations between the spread, the final are and the bank transactions, so up and down can make money to the main transaction Currency Europe and the United States for example, for example, you buy in Europe / United States = 1.4600, is that you use $ 146,000 for a handful of euros (a handful = 100,000 euros), as I said we end up trading are banks, is that you use $ 146,000 for the bank 100,000 euros Foreign exchange operations in fact, the overall and stock market speculation close, but because of the leverage effect of foreign exchange, so the foreign exchange The risk is huge unilateral quotes if you misjudge the direction you still heavy position, that may even in a few hours burst the position so general foreign exchange operations to maintain 30% of the position is very high speculation how to make money experts free guidance bank gold and silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation trading software set gold number desktop line intelligence tool then is necessary to have a strict automatic stop loss settings to prevent The most basic of course is your analysis of the general trend of the newcomer in the pre-investment advice to do the following preparatory work for the newcomer can take a detour 1. do not listen to the old exchange friends say what do not need to read books, do not need to see technical information, more fried will be I think the newcomer must know some foreign exchange basics or to learn for example, what is the pressure line, how Use the template, how to use the 5 averages, etc. 2. candle curve chart this book, is completely foreign exchange bible, recommended that you look at this side of the book must see friends 3. more data, there is nothing more convincing than data and learning type more and the group of masters inside the exchange 4. once into 500 $, do not invest in the early stage, do not need to invest, because MT4 can apply for a demo account, when, you simulate a Choose the mainstream platform, do not touch the black platform, the box into all the newcomers and what rebates it what, I do not believe much in addition, it is recommended to choose the platform must be subject to the FSA regulation of the first agent, because the UK financial laws are the most strict, the flow of funds is also rigorous, to our funds have a sense of security 6. Is a financial direction to do financial people, to do investment, not speculation, speculation are gamblers
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