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Naked K-line operation method

manipulation Forex rebate k cashbackinforexg the interpretation of the market, the K- Forexrebateking is the most intuitive expression of market sentiment in the authors impression, this method or similar skills first appeared in the MACD forum, but few posts mention the essence of things I want to present this method only to the naked K-line, plus the manual drawing line cashback forex We all know how to draw forexrebateindonesia lines, trend lines break places generally speaking means a turnaround, and then you can more accurately choose a good entry point. And then you can more accurately choose a good entry point, whether profit aside, but basically the risk is reduced a lot thus this method is usually seen by many people as both simple and powerful weapons First of all, the essence: in fact, a certain operating cycle of the trend line break, presented in the large cycle K-line, combined with a small part of the authors concept of innovative additions! Evolved out of the bare K operation method can be derived after skilled also do not need to draw lines, let alone any technical indicators to find a very clear entry point!  Let us first look at the following chart   First we separate the trend in the chart by equal distance of the time period to separate (the chart is divided into 6 cells) according to the 6 cells can be drawn 6 corresponding large cycle K lines! Well let me first carry out some conditions: 1, [trend line] on the chart is a cycle of a downtrend, is our most common trend, we can find the downtrend in the various rebound highs, they can be connected to get a downward channel of the upper rail (that is, the blue line in the chart) 2, [break] after the trend line is broken is a signal to turn Note: just the signal The group has a phrase called signal to signal, reversal to reversal, the two are not necessarily linked! This is also a rational mindset on the risk of grasping the meaning is: although there is a breakthrough, but the risk level still does not reach the standard worthy of our intervention we must see the trend is really willing to go up and then make to follow! (Figure in the 5th frame trend has a breakthrough) 3, [shock stabilization] what is called willing to go up? The trend to reverse, the first is the shock stabilization (of course, there are some special circumstances will appear strong V-shaped reversal, but such a reversal is actually not common, in fact, V-shaped is also a kind of shock, depending on how your operating cycle is defined, if the operating cycle appears V-shaped reversal, the authors advice or do not go after the good) stabilization is only after the choice, choose up or down? Here there will be a phenomenon oscillation in the direction of movement, or oscillation in the direction of movement of the center of gravity of the two yellow lines in the range is oscillation, especially to note: this oscillation range is in you see the trend line breakthrough after the need to draw! How to draw? As long as it contains most of the trend of the overlap area is basically fine, but do not miss some important high and low points!  4, [move up] we came up with an overlap oscillation area (at the moment do not know if it is really a turning point), after we have to observe is this oscillation appeared after the trend whether to move up, how to determine whether to move up? The following chart: as long as the breakthrough back to try to stabilize above the center line of the oscillation, are considered to move up! Its that simple, then the previous oscillation zone is very critical to determine this step is done, the risk is reduced by many in addition, the upward shift is visible to us, we do not need to guess!  5, [stop loss] Finally, it is the stop loss we can set in the bottom of the box of the oscillation because the market trend is not due to the will of the individual for the transfer, so the trend in the oscillation immediately after the upward shift and ran under the oscillation center, it is not that we have a fault, but due to some reasons we can not foresee, the market chose to continue downward, so peace of mind stop loss can be justified only one reason: the do we have done, there is no There is no need to suspect that there is a problem with your skills, let alone to doubt or resist the market!  The above part is the essence, and the next evolution of the large cycle of bare K operation method is developed in accordance with the above 12345 Why should the trend of separation? In order to understand the principle of K-line pattern, understand the relationship between the large and small cycles this is why some people can profit after learning the single K-line and K-line combination!  Next, lets look at the 6 frames according to the high, low, open, close out the single K line is what it looks like the following chart:   see the above chart, in fact, I do not need to say more, you should know the mystery of the operation steps simply mentioned: a, based on the high point of the K line to draw a trend line (of course, this is a typical example, some K lines are not good to draw) two, the figure of the 5th K line close closed in the trend line above (plate, with a small cycle can see the breakthrough) Third, the breakthrough K-line to the left to find the K-line overlap oscillation zone (such as the yellow two lines between the area) Fourth, the center of the oscillation in one-half of the place, as long as the next K-line lowest point in the center line above, or close above it, you can intervene (in fact, the plate from the small cycle to see the trend of the 6th K-line That is, the precise buying point) five, stop loss a K-line stop can be set in the chart of the lowest price of the fifth K-line, can also be in the lowest of the sixth What position is considered appropriate? The center line of the oscillation as the standard! But where the market back down to below the center line, say what you have to prepare out first! (Because of the emergence of new uncontrollable risk, capital safety is most important) Obviously, this bare K is used in the so-called short term, or you operate on the cycle above the large cycle!  And the use of this method location, it just happens to be the position in the pullback buy method I do not recommend that you use for bottoming on Postscript: although the picture are hindsight things, but all conditions are to see for real, which step by step to reduce the risk of intervention or that: heavy in the essence of the principle of this article is only to add the oscillation, and evolve the K line for the trend shift on some meaning only In addition, the This article is just experience and sharing, since there will be many shortcomings need to be personally verified by the user as well as after the supplement, to determine its value for the operation
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