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MACD slack bottoming method (II) the bottom slack three constants

   a, th forexrebateindonesiags can only be three in the plunge Forexrebateking, the bottom Forex rebate king low after two consecutive times down the slack, you can basically determine the decline in the market has almost ended but at th cashbackinforex time is often due to the tenacity of the short-side forces and down the false breakthrough, the indicators also break through with it, although it is possible to penetrate the bottom of the first two slack, that is, relative to the previous Two times did not form a slack, but its and the initial slack origin is still the formation of the slack, and is the third slack, but the operation can be a bold backhand operation to plunge three slack after the reversal of the market amplitude is often large and high security, which surges in the late need for continuous support for a large number of recent ST sector stocks in the process of falling 60-minute chart has formed a clear three slack, which also supports its rebound market Expand Second, the principle of symmetry in the stock market, the existence of the principle of symmetry is very wide, MACD slack is no exception Generally speaking, the bottom of the slack, especially after multiple slack market top to deal or stock price top slack end because the bottom of the slack represents an excessive concentration of energy in the rebound market after the start of the suppressed energy is prone to retaliation market, and the strong inertia is often prone to cause top slack broad market After the rebound in March May in the formation of the platform in the top of the slack is actually the symmetry of the three major slack formed in August last year to February this year Three, morphological analysis MACD belongs to the trend indicators, and the vast majority of traditional morphological analysis is also based on the trend theory gradually summarized, so from the principle of the two have greater commonality, which also determines the MACD bottom slack also available general morphological Theory for analysis, such as head and shoulders, double bottom, three bottoms, arc bottom, platform tie bottom, etc., such patterns commonly used in the analysis of the measurement range, resistance or support levels and other judgment theory can also be applied, the top of the slack is the opposite use 
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