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Japan unearthed cottage Chinese ancient money experts say that in ancient times there has been speculation on the exchange race

  Accord Forexrebatekingg to Japanese media reports, the Japanese heritage investigation company IBISOKU Kansai Branch recently released news cashback forex a clay pot was unearthed near a construction site in Shimogyo D forexrebateindonesiatrict, Kyoto City, there are more than 40,000 pieces of ancient money in the pot of which there are about 50 kinds of Kaiyuan Tongbao Xu Forex rebate kinge Tongbao, etc. Measured by the current value of cashbackinforex, about the equivalent of 4 million The difference between China and its neighbors in ancient times, the exchange ratio between copper and silver ingots is different, so there are also people who speculate in foreign exchange and the difference between the imitation currency of neighboring countries is mainly in the text and copper, compared with our ancient coins, there are still subtle differences, the value can not be fully equivalent Japan had imitated the ancient Chinese money did not think that Japan When Ms. Li, a collector of ancient Chinese coins, traveled to Japan, she found that there were many antique stores near Ginza in Tokyo that displayed boxes selling Chinese coins, which had various minted currencies from the Tang and Song dynasties to the Republic of China Recently, Japanese media reported that IBISOKU Kansai Branch unearthed a clay pot near a construction site in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, which contained more than 40,000 ancient coins It is reported that the pot was about 66 It is believed that the coins were buried in the middle of the shopping street on the south side of the Kyoto branch of Takashimaya Department Store. It is believed that the coins were buried as a reserve for wars and natural disasters, or for worshipping the gods. The pot was cracked when it was unearthed, and after it was divided into two halves, the ancient coins placed inside were not scattered and were placed in a doughnut shape inside the pot, said an employee of the citys cultural relics section: the pot was neatly divided on the sides, and the state of the coins in the pot could be clearly seen, which is a very precious case. The news has aroused the concern of many coin enthusiasts. Many collectors are concerned that Japan has such a large number of imitation coins, how many of them have returned to the domestic coin market? What is the difference between them and the real ones? What is the value?    Regarding these questions, Wang Chao, senior business manager of the Beijing Poly Post and Coin Department, explained in an interview that the Ming Dynastys "Ying Ya Sheng Ren" recorded that Java used Chinese copper coins for all generations, the old port country also used Chinese copper coins, and Ceylon was especially fond of Chinese copper coins and exchanged jewelry for them. The Ming Dynasty coins were of good quality, the country was strong for a long time, and the reputation of the currency was guaranteed, so it was easier for small countries to mint their own coins than to import copper coins from Ming as their own circulating currency. He also mentioned a phenomenon that there were also speculators in ancient times when there were special smugglers of copper coins, silver was a high-value currency in China, but China lacked silver mines, and Japans silver production was relatively large. Japans silver production is relatively large, so the exchange rate of copper and silver ingots in China and Japan is different smuggling copper to Japan for silver, take silver back to the country for copper with speculation foreign exchange like the original, countries like Japan, on the one hand, import Ming coins, on the other hand, a large number of imitation cast Ming copper coins, and Ming copper coins to participate in the market circulation for their own trade people to use Collecting tips: value of high and low The more old the money is, the more valuable it is, but experts say that this view is one-sided. Mr. Hu, a connoisseur, said that the popular categories of ancient coin segment should be the pre-Qin and Qing dynasty products pre-Qin coins are very attractive to collectors because of the long distance, casting, writing, style and other special features, while the Qing dynasty is very close to modern life, and the shape of the Qing coins is relatively large, collectors are easy to accept, so Most collectors of Qing money are easy to have a good feeling Generally speaking, Song money is an introductory textbook for ancient coins, because it is more varieties, more shapes, and beautiful, collectors can start from the appreciation point of view, choose the low-end part of the practice to practice eye, and then gradually advancement of antique merchants told reporters, for example, the Han Dynasty Baht, the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan Tongbao and the Northern Song Dynasty Xuan and Tongbao are called cabbage prices, a little knowledge of the people look at all The most important factor that determines the value of ancient coins is the size of the amount of coins in existence, such as the number of coins issued in the Song Dynasty is too large, and the amount of coins in existence is also very large, and most of them are not worth much. The coins are very valuable, and some dynasties just try to cast some sample coins that fall, such coins are very precious Player Ms. Jane believes that the collection of coins requires profound knowledge, but also true love: we appreciate its patterns, text, design and other subtleties, and understand the historical allusions behind it, taste its unique artistic value, and will not be because of the momentary rise and fall of the market situation and rush She said, the ancient coins have many historical allusions, and the artistic value of calligraphy is also extremely high, such as the Tang Dynasty calligrapher Ouyang Xun, the attainment of regular script is very high, the law is strict, the brush force is dangerous, ranked as one of the four regular script suggests that new collectors read more coin books to expand the knowledge base, the best choice of illustrated versions of the second step is to see more physical objects, recognize the real thing for example, see more previews, more advice from connoisseurs at present the Northern Song Dynasty The second step is to see more objects and recognize the real ones, such as more previews, more advice from connoisseurs, and at present, the ancient coins of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Daoguang and Qianlong periods of the Qing Dynasty can be purchased for a few tens of dollars.
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