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Influence the trend of seven factors

a. U.S. federal benchmark Forexrebateking Forex rebate king in general, the U.S. interest rates fall, the cashback forexs trend forexrebateindonesia weak; U.S. interest rates rise, the dollar trend preference the first half of the 1980s, the United States in the presence of a large trade deficit cashbackinforex a large fiscal deficit, the dollar is still strong, is the United States to implement a high interest rate policy, prompting a large amount of capital from Japan and Western Europe into the United States As a result, the trend of the U.S. dollar is greatly influenced by the interest rate factor If the interest rate level of a country is higher than that of other countries, it will attract a large amount of capital inflows, and the outflow of domestic capital will be reduced, leading to a rush to buy this currency on the international market; at the same time, the capital account balance is improved and the exchange rate of the domestic currency is raised Conversely, if the interest rate falls when a country loosens its credit, and if the interest rate level is lower than that of other countries, it will cause capital A large number of outflows, foreign capital inflows decreased, the capital account balance deteriorated, while the foreign exchange market will sell this currency, causing the exchange rate to fall II. discount rate (DiscountRate) discount rate, is a commercial bank due to reserves and other emergencies to the Fed to apply for loans, the Fed charged interest rates Although this is a symbolic interest rate indicators, but its changes will also express a strong policy The signal discount rate is generally less than the federal funds rate. 30-year TreasuryBond 30-year Treasury bills, also called long-term bonds, are the most important indicator of inflation in the market. There is no clear link between long-term bonds and the U.S. dollar exchange rate, however, there is generally a link between the following: a fall in bond prices due to inflation considerations, i.e., a rise in yields, may put the dollar under pressure These considerations may be due to some economic data IV. Labor force report (payrolls, unemployment rate and average hourly earnings), CPI (ConsumerPriceIndex), PPI (Producer Price Index), GDP (grossdomesticproduct, gross domestic product), international trade levels, industrial production, housing starts, housing permits and consumer confidence V. Stock Market (StockMarket) 3 major stock indices are: DowJonesIndustrialsIndex (Dow, Dow Jones Industrial Index), S&P500 (Standard & Poors 500 index) and NASDAQ (NASDAQ) which, the Dow Jones Industrial Index has the greatest impact on the dollar exchange rate since the mid-1990s The Dow Jones Industrial Index and the U.S. dollar exchange rate has a great positive correlation (because of foreign investors to buy U.S. assets) to influence the Dow Jones Industrial Index of the three main factors are: 1) corporate income, including expected and actual income; 2) the level of interest rates are expected; 3) the global political and economic conditions VI, commodity prices on the international commodity market commodities are mostly denominated in U.S. dollars, so commodity prices and the U.S. dollar index into a more 7, the euro exchange rate dollar index is fundamentally a series of exchange rates or a weighted index, so ultimately reflected in the United States and its major trade currencies on the strength of the freely convertible currency in the dollar index composition of the currency basket, the euro is the heaviest weight of a currency, the movement of the euro has naturally become an important factor with the dollar index
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