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In the MT4 software EA testing process how to get 99.9% data quality to improve the accuracy of EA testing

Many people know that when conducting Forex rebate king cashback forexing, the quality of forexrebateindonesia downloaded through the MT4 h Forexrebatekingtorical data center is only 90%, cashbackinforex only 1 minute of high open and low close 4 quotes, 1 minute of tick data is not available, the EA test is not accurate so today To introduce to you how to get the quality of 99.9% data through third-party software to improve the accuracy of our EA test results third-party software, using the TickDataManager official website link:, the main Advantages are: does not take up too much hard disk space, you can slip simulation, the use of real point spread for backtesting and more advanced parameter configuration, if interested friends can go to the official website for learning nonsense, the following we will explain the installation and use of the steps: 1. Download TickDataManager software does not install, and then double-click the desktop icon and open this Software, the interface is shown below: 2. Download historical data, first click on the software corresponding to the currency of ... button, a dialog box will pop up, set the start time and end time of the currency data to be downloaded, and then click the Start Download button, the corresponding interface is shown in the following figure: 3. button and Usetickdate checkbox, here in usetickdata checkbox tick, use third-party data for testing as shown below: Press the tickdatasetting button, you can make further settings for the test environment, such as GMT time offset, slippage, execution time, spreads, leverage, etc., interested friends can carry out Further in-depth study click the button appears as follows: 4. According to the needs of the test environment is set up, select the EA to be tested, where I choose to test the EA is MT4-GBPJPY-H1-breakthrough trading system EA.ex4, set the parameters of the EA, set the trading time January 2015 to July 2018, the time period H1, spreads set to 30, replay Model for each instant price, the specific settings day shown below: 5. Click the Start button, we can see the EA real-time history of the test is completed will generate the corresponding test report, as shown below: The above steps are how the MT4 software using third-party software to achieve 99.9% data testing EA method
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