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How to speculate in foreign exchange domestically

domestic how to speculate forexrebateindonesia cashbackinforex Forex rebate king?  At present in the domestic two kinds of participation in the way of speculation in foreign exchange: one, foreign exchange margin speculation foreign exchange, choose a foreign exchange margin company, into a small part of the funds, according to the principle of leverage to dominate a large amount of money, speculation in foreign exchange trading, the customer has a small capital to win the opportunity of big profits cashback forex be imagined profits and r Forexrebatekingks are very big, margin features can speculate in both directions, that is, you can buy up or buy down Second, the real ( shipan) speculation foreign exchange, many domestic trade banks have launched foreign exchange intermediary business customers in commercial banks to open foreign exchange investment account, through commercial banks connected to foreign exchange broker trading platform, to participate in the international foreign exchange market transactions is how much you have in hand, according to the exchange rate exchange of non-US currencies from which to earn the exchange rate difference provided that the hands must actually hold the dollar, in various parts of the Bank of China have The foreign exchange real estate hall, where is dedicated to provide foreign exchange speculation place How to speculate in foreign exchange, profit is from the difference, now you can enter the foreign exchange market to participate in the actual battle and combined with a certain technical analysis of the use, start your foreign exchange journey, first-hand experience of global financial turmoil, to achieve wealth accumulation Choose a foreign exchange dealer need to combine their capital size and other factors to consider, for example, if there is no English base, the best If you need to operate mainly in the medium term, you should focus on the overnight interest rate factor, etc. If you are used to ultra-short term spreads are more critical; you can refer to the following information to choose according to your specific situation, you can also learn more specific questions through QQ online consultation: For example, the capital is very large, more than 50,000 U.S. dollars, you can provide in some foreign exchange margin trading commercial banks or large investment companies Trading commercial banks or large investment companies to open an account, such as Citi, HSBC, etc., so as to ensure the complete security of large funds disadvantages (generally lower leverage, spreads larger larger funds: 10,000 to 50,000 dollars can choose a reputable investment bank or company, such as SaxoBank Investment Bank, ManFinancial,Dukascopy, etc., can provide professional trading Medium capital: $2000 to $10,000, you can choose a good reputation of the mainstream foreign exchange traders, such as EASYFOREX, CMC, CMS, MIG, InterBankFX, FXCM, GFT, etc., with good service and regulation, and the spread is more affordable mini accounts: $200 to $2000, choose the mainstream and Companies that can provide mini lot trading, such as: FXsol, EASYFOREX, CMS, InterBankFX, CrownForex, Forex, IFX, GFT, etc., so that although the capital is small, you can also implement a complete money management strategy, to lay the foundation for future large capital trading capital management entry experience account: the capital is less than $200. Mainly used to experience and learn foreign exchange trading, to gain experience and master trading skills for future investment career, because the capital is too small, want to earn a lot of money is also unrealistic can choose to open a low threshold companies, such as Marketiva, Oanda, etc., later the capital is large, you can change to a larger company But (used) regardless of Ru He, investment when the management of funds is very important, do not always (used) want to make a big bet This will face a lot of risk to invest in the main points of Tu: investment as a career, the pursuit of long-term stable profits as the goal of manipulation, through compound interest to play the power of capital growth How to open an account?  First of all, you have to determine according to your risk tolerance and the size of the capital is intended to operate the foreign exchange real or foreign exchange margin, the characteristics of the two ways and the way to open an account as follows: foreign exchange real: general trading in the bank account, such as China Merchants Bank or ICBC, I personally currently have accounts in China Merchants Bank and ICBC, the characteristics of the real is the risk and return are relatively small, transaction fees (spreads) slightly larger, generally 10 to 30 points If the operation is good annual return is generally 5% ~ 10%. The funds are too small may have limited returns Account opening steps: apply to the bank counter to open a foreign exchange account, and then purchase foreign exchange into the account, and the bank signed a foreign exchange trading agreement, apply for the opening of online banking, and then at home with a personal computer to log on to the banks website, enter the online banking transactions can Foreign exchange margin: generally through the domestic foreign exchange broker or directly to the foreign investment company website to apply for an account. Margin trading according to the establishment of position size, risk and return varies greatly, I am currently generally more robust 5 to 10 times the leverage to operate, the general annual return of 100% no problem general spreads in 3 to 10 points disadvantages of the operators capital management requirements of the higher, generally can not be dead resistance after making a mistake
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