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How to choose a time frame in forex trading

The financial market cashback forexexrebateindonesia a battlefield without smoke and mirrors, financial Forex rebate king is a showdown between invisible opponents! And Forex for the worlds largest financial market, is the pinnacle of the financial trading field Forex trading in how to choose the best cashbackinforex Forexrebateking? In forex trading, choosing the best time frame depends on the traders trading strategy, trading experience and market analysis methods As mentioned before, the difference in trading strategies affects the traders demand for different time horizons of price information, the longer the position is held, the larger the time horizon to be viewed, the larger the time frame chosen This is why trend traders choose daily charts, intraday traders Some traders are used to using a certain time frame, for example, a daily or 4-hour chart, so they will be familiar with this time frame and will be more comfortable with it, which will form a trading habit over time. analysis, such people tend to use trend trading strategies, and thus they need to consider the impact of major fundamental events on the exchange rate, these major events often determine the main trend of the exchange rate over a long period of time, so they need to choose the large time frame, such as the weekly chart, the monthly chart for newcomers, it is more recommended that the white people use volatility trading or long term trading, look at some of the large time framework, it is not recommended to do intraday trading or short term trading, short term trading or ultra-short term trading is very difficult for some newcomers to the foreign exchange market, want to profit is almost impossible but often the reality is that the white will choose short term trading, or even ultra-short term trading, holding a position for only a few minutes, the reason is that the white mentality is too impatient, holding the mentality of overnight riches to do transactions, no patience to wait Therefore, the choice of the best time frame depends on your own reality, each trader has its own special features, the choice of time frame should also be "the right medicine" before also mentioned that the multiple time frame analysis, very useful for technical analysis
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