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How to choose a forex trading platform for beginners

How to choose a forex trad forexrebateindonesiag cashbackinforex? Now many newcomers to the market are headaches, the current market platform mixed, the first few years of Forexrebateking cashback forex investment in China Forex rebate king not so many people know the number of foreign exchange platform this year like a mushrooming general to build a white label foreign exchange platform cost only a few tens of thousands of dollars, into the domestic original some P2P companies, spot futures in the transformation of the first choice after being exposed so just starting investors to choose the platform more to The most stringent regulatory license on the market is the FCA of the United Kingdom and the FSP of New Zealand, followed by the ASIC of Australia and the NFA of the United States Other national regulatory licenses can almost be ignored, as long as you spend money to get, there is no sense in and out of the gold speed, of course, the faster the better, like the old foreign exchange trader ggfx gold out the same day The actual fact is that you can get a lot of money from your account, and when you need to replenish your account margin, you can quickly get the money to your account in time for the withdrawal is usually 1-3 business days to the account for the normal situation platform history, risk resistance: I think the platform history is at least 5 years before it can be listed as a target, generally FSP regular brokers meet this condition in the foreign exchange margin market, the black swan event every year, like the 201 In the foreign exchange margin market, there are black swan events every year, like the Swiss franc black swan event in 2015 led to the bankruptcy of many large and medium-sized platforms, several large platform losses are more than at least a few hundred million dollars, without a little strong capital is unable to resist, so that the history of the platform is directly linked to the ability to resist risk, this is very important platform services, here the service is mainly after-sales service, not yet deposited when each platform in order to let you deposit is a smile, after the deposit Can also serve you well, there are questions and answers is the reliable platform
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