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Gossip interesting characteristics of foreign exchange traders in different countries

The number of global foreign exchange cashback forex is huge, there are cashbackinforexdividual differences between each other, such as men Forex rebate king women, short and tall, and fat and thin, etc. However, traders from different cultures also have different traditi forexrebateindonesias, habits, and even jokes are not the same You may be in the heart of the bustling London in an apartment to do the deal, but also in Australias quiet coast in shorts to trade no matter where you are No matter where you are, we all believe that you dont have to rely on Sherlock Holmes to tell if someone is a trader, no matter how well hidden, there is always some information that can reveal his identity So, one might wonder what traders from different countries have in common with each other. Honestly, we cant be completely sure however, its still very interesting to look at the typical characteristics of those traders in different countries s interesting characteristics.jpg "width="500 "height="374"/> New York traders 1. Copy the Wall Street stories from the books Every trader at least once in his life At least once in his life, he asks himself what would Gordon Gekko do?  2. Tired dark circles under the eyes This is because of the sleepless hours in front of the computer Forexrebateking forex 3. Full of stubble and messy hair Only losers focus on personal hygiene 4. Lots of trading screens Everyone knows the more screens you have, the more successful you will be!!!  5. stress ball full of bite marks sometimes just squeezing is not enough to fully vent 6. pale skin steps in the park walk and can not be counted as profit points, so lazy to go out s interesting features 2.jpg "width="500 "height="351"/> Tokyo Traders 1. candlestick-style pupils due to long hours of staring at the screen all kinds of candlesticks (K-line charts), pupils into the K-line mold 2. Nintendo game consoles have been accumulating dust have not known what it is like to relax for years 3. foreign exchange brain long-term pressure from the dollar / yen exchange, making the forehead on the veins swell 4. fingers using the mouse twitching because of the constant rush to exit trading operations 5. fingerprints on the desktop the anxiety of waiting for the market to move in a positive direction even wears away the desktop 6. neat and orderly desktop trading records, calculators, strategies and trading history are neatly and orderly the placed on the desktop  London traders 1. broken carpet trading pressure makes traders keep pacing back and forth 2. pacemaker on the wall if the loss is more than 50 pips, please just break the glass to use 3. stress line on the forehead caused by trading pressure and thoughts caused by 4. pale expression heavy dark circles under the eyes, as if it has not left the transaction for many years 5. simultaneous use of multiple social media channels Tweet, Facebook, various forums, charts, cell phones and computers are used as analysis and communication channels, which also reflects the reliance of the British on social media and technology  nbsp;6. A strong cup of tea Super strong tea because tea helps build a great empire  Sydney Trader 1. Trader wrist Wrist gets bigger from constant mouse clicks 2. Expletive ridden Oh! F*$10!!! How much did I just lose/win?  3. trading books on the table books that teach one how to profit in trading and how to enjoy life 4. beer that is always ready to talk about solace when trading fails and to celebrate when making profits, either just because its Tuesday afternoon or a can 5. laptop tan marks evident on the thighs just because its Trading by the outdoor pool 6. Outdoor office because in Australia you can get a tan while trading  Auckland traders 1. Food ghostchips best choice for traders 2. Watching the New Zealand All Blacks beat Australia  A rare stress relief for profitable New Zealand traders 3. Andrew Kriegers book The Currency Bazaar How he did this with currency!  4. Prepared pineapple slices One can relieve stress, and the other prevents traders from getting too angry and crushing their teeth 5. Lack of sun and pale skin New Zealand traders always trade at night, and while they rest, the rest of the world starts trading!  6. All kinds of swear words are endless Some swear words can help relieve stress, and then by the way to the Australian rugby team
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