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Futures story speculators eight times after the blowout nirvana 15 million turned to 100 million

He came Forex rebate kingto contact with futures in 1991, in 2001 began the first futures trading, after experiencing eight blowouts, in 2006, based on compound interest on soybean oil alone to increase the size of the capital from 170,000 to 7 million in 2008, cashbackinforex 15 million turned to 100 million He An Born in an ordinary family tube forexrebateindonesia, h Forexrebateking father was He joined the army and entered the futures cashback forex after retiring from the army, and after experiencing eight explosions, he finally ushered in his investment spring. Although he was not one of the first investors to trade futures, a chance opportunity made him one of the first people to come into contact with futures. According to the recollection of Guan Hongzhi, at the end of 1991, COFCO and CFS came to Liaoning to prepare for the establishment of the futures market and opened a series of training on basic knowledge of futures, including the basic knowledge of contracts such as red soybeans and mung beans. At that time, the futures market was not well managed and there were futures markets all over the place, and Guan Hongzhi happened to have a classmates sister in a brokerage firm doing red vests. That year, when Guan Hongzhi, who was in the army, went home to visit his relatives, the classmate invited him to dinner and invited him to a futures course together. Concern about the futures industry In 1997, Guan Hongzhi transferred from the army to the local area and began to do stocks After 2001, Guan Hongzhi began to invest full-time in futures Four years of tuition In 2001, 28-year-old Guan Hongzhi still could not resist the temptation of the futures market, carrying 50,000 to 60,000 yuan earned in the stock market to enter the futures market He always participated in futures trading with a capital of 20,000 to 40,000 Because of the geographical environment, Guan Hongzhi He was familiar with soybeans and oils in the northeast, so he also took beans and oils of agricultural products as the main trading targets. Now, recalling that the trading was more blind during that period, Hongzhi Guan said: there was no mature and sound trading strategy, basically, after the opening of the market saw the price rise immediately after chasing up, the market fell immediately after the short, set up to stay in the position, always using the idea of doing stocks to do futures and capital Management is not in place, down on the position, then the position is basically 70% to 80%, full position also happens from time to time a few years down all over the body in just 4 years, tube Hongzhi experienced eight burst positions, watching the account of the funds from tens of thousands slowly return to a few thousand, lost all the gains on the stock market, and also lost his parents money into the family at this time also gave him a lot of pressure, because in the familys view The last time the position was blown was in August 2004 to do the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange sugar since then he no longer dare and Zhengzhou big brother to do the opposite I think I can not do & lsquo; Zhengzhou big brother & lsquo lsquo; Zhengzhou big brother & rsquo;, then had to avoid as much as possible, unless the market gives a very clear signal, I choose to intervene in the tube Hongzhi said now tube Hongzhi trading objects mainly concentrated in the Dalian Commodity Exchange, the Shanghai Futures Exchange varieties also do, but the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange varieties are traded very little gradually into a good place tube Hongzhis life turnaround appeared in the summer of 2006 At that time, several of his friends doing oil and grease spot analysis of the spot market that oil and grease or beans may appear a very big wave of the market and Guan Hongzhi experienced a number of wrestling and training from the technical graphics also came to the same conclusion At that time, soybean oil prices were only more than 5,000 yuan / ton, Guan Hongzhis capital size has reached more than 170,000 after a comprehensive consideration of Guan Hongzhi began to do more at the end of September 2006, soybean oil suddenly Jumped up, from more than 5,000 yuan / ton directly bounced to more than 6,000 yuan / ton during the tube Hongzhi also had two stop-loss out, there has been a 50% retraction of funds, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of losses, but soon tube Hongzhi and back to the long single at that time the margin began to multiply, I used the profits to increase positions, earn money to add, has been done in mid-November soybean oil approaching 10,000 yuan mark I think its about time to close up, closed, and then the highest soybean oil soared to 14,000 yuan. Later soybean oil soared to a maximum of 14,000 yuan / ton That wave of the market Guan Hongzhi used a year and a half, the capital equity from 170,000 to more than 7 million after the first bucket of gold in hand, his familys impression of him has changed, no longer worry about his life stability And Guan Hongzhi felt his mentality and mind also began to gradually mature, he formed a team, set up his own investment company, the company The people in the company are also in the futures market for many years of veterans of the jungle they work together to engage in analysis, often out of research, and gradually from the miscellaneous army to the regular army transition to do a single approach also began to be steady up now even if there is again as extreme as the market appeared, I will not be as violent as the first bucket of gold operation tube Hongzhi said tube Hongzhi believe that this wave of the market is the opportunity to create their own, although there are always opportunities in the market, but like this However, this is not his most successful operation, the whole year of 2008 he will be 15 million yuan to 100 million Guan Hongzhi said: this is our team of six people together to do a single operation cycle as short as a week, as long as a month I am satisfied with this period of trading positions, capital management are more satisfied, because that is the most relaxed, happy trading time to stable instead of hard With the gradual expansion of the capital size of the tube Hongzhi, his mode of operation also transformed from hard to stable now full position for the tube Hongzhi has been relatively rare, generally to 15% of the funds to test the plate, with the expansion of profits began to gradually increase positions years of trading experience and army life, so he understands that the most important thing is to comply with the discipline of investment Execution of orders and capital, position management is the first is to comply with the discipline to execute orders, according to the plan to do transactions, according to the order to execute if often contrary to the predetermined plan, that nothing can do well capital, position management is also very important, if the initial entry to the position to 30% or even higher, and no profit in the case of additional positions, it is easier to cause significant losses, which will make psychological changes, affecting future operations. In order to control the risk, Guan Hongzhi gradually began according to the strength of the plate, hedging transactions between different species, such as the recent strong agricultural products, metal weak, he would choose to do a certain percentage of long grease, short metal this hedge sometimes appear two single is profitable, but he also pointed out that when doing hedging, his single is not neutral, often biased toward the agricultural products Direction Simple concept These years tube Hongzhi are MACD, slow KD indicators as the main basis for entry, and K-line patterns as an aid to focus on the MACD top (bottom) divergence, and slow KD is in the overbought (sell) area, MACD is relatively ahead, while slow KD is relatively lagging, when the two indicators appear resonant tube Hongzhi is ready to go down At first to 15% to try to open a position, the The market is indeed as they judge the direction, in the direction of their own expectations, according to the profit situation gradually increase positions to the fundamentals as a reference, the trend and the fundamentals match, for example, the recent decline in copper, because the entire world economic environment, Chinas economic growth rate, including Chinas poor demand review copper from more than 20,000 to 80,000 position, tube Hongzhi think, although it is in an inflationary environment, but also should temporarily have a rational return, the current rise is a bit too much and from the technical indicators, there should also be back to correct the demand from the fundamentals, the whole European debt problem is bound to cause a huge impact on the environment, not China to buy European debt, or how to do a few countries can put an end to this thing Guan Hongzhi think the market is simple to consider, it is also simple to do, the more complex to think, the more complex to do so Guan Hongzhis operating strategy is how simple, how to do, but must be done in accordance with the rules to have a set of systematic scientific method, through years of practice can really make you profitable pattern and this pattern is not you alone out, such as MACD, slow KD, these are summarized by previous people to blend your experience into the road that others have walked, to practice again, to their own patterns and others The most common book that Guan Hongzhi reads is Qingzes "Ten Years a Dream". Back to the previous, that change of mind is particularly touching to me tube Hongzhi said
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