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Advanced Trade Execution Forex Workshop

The Advanced Trade Execution Forex Workshop builds on the technical knowledge and economic fundamentals you learned in online courses. It introduces the concepts of risk management, currency pair analysis, and intermarket relations. Moreover, it teaches you how to use fundamental and technical analysis to determine the direction of currency pairs. The workshop also covers technical and fundamental analysis, price action analysis, and MetaStock Xenith news service. It also teaches you how to develop your own trade plan and master the mechanics of execution.

In this advanced trade execution forex workshop, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the forex market, including the macroeconomic fundamentals, market volatility, and volume. They will also learn how to harness capital management to avoid large drawdowns, and take advantage of trending markets. Students will also learn about the importance of a daily trade routine, as well as how to implement flawless trade execution. The program is backed by live trade videos, and will help you learn to analyze the market using technical analysis.

The workshop will also introduce Traders to analytics, data visualization, and trading algorithm development. They will learn how to analyze trading data to identify outliers and track multi-asset desk activity. Additionally, Traders will gain a fully customizable trading system with a range of tools and connectivity to counterparts. Traders will be able to create their own custom dashboards for real-time data, including real-time price and volume, leveraging the power of real-time market data.

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