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Four kinds of money-making and money-losing habits

Money-los Forexrebatekingg habits do cashbackinforex cut the meat not afraid of boiling water hot must be dead pork, the more not cut, the more set you, until the meat scalded into peoples delicious situation Forex rebate king not right, immediately retreat, which is the essence of survival this habit brings gains is -20% think, if there are 10,000 yuan is worth 2,000 yuan, have this habit of stockholders loss is more than 20% ah diligent cut meat Monday bought Tuesday cut The stock markets biggest risk is to always have a full position in the stock market, without setting up a short position for a few months, or even a few weeks. The experience of the losers to full positions, especially 365 days a year full positions are more fond of know that in the Chinese stock market only do more to make forexrebateindonesia, but also only full positions cashback forex lead to the greatest risk this habit brings gains is -20% too much to receive stock information sitting on the trading floor or in front of the computer, 4 hours a day trading time to stare at the plate 240 minutes, can not afford to drink water, can not afford to go to the toilet, more The biggest benefit of a short position is two things, one is not to lose money; the second is to use the money when you can take the money, that is to say, that the money on the account is really Whether you are a stockholder or not, we must remember the famous proverb of the Chinese people: rice to the mouth, money to the hand Moreover, in the stock market of one earn two flat seven losses, as long as you do not lose money you are in the top three ah This habit brings gains is 30% win before adding a position to buy a stock, the first transaction made money to add a position, which shows that your judgment of the trend is correct, it is logical to add a position if the third transaction loss, together with the previous transaction together with the sale do not believe in intuition, believe in reality, once the transaction loss, either the market has gone wrong, or you have a problem, you need to clear your position this habit brings gains is 20% solitary few people make money the law makes us have to keep a different way of thinking buy others do not care to buy the stock or dare to buy the stock to become a winner, the public lover The star can not take this year, below 5 yuan to buy CITIC Securities, about 10 yuan to buy Changan Automobile are winners, and the beginning of July to buy the high price of stocks such as Sany Heavy Industries, Sinotrans Development is undoubtedly another proof of the truth that surprise can win this habit brings gains of about 30% rest rest is not necessarily sleep ah, but rest must be you sell stocks to stop trading, away from the stock market a You can go to study, you can go to entertainment, you can also go to do other business to know that the distance is not only beautiful, but also calm and rational a successful shareholders role is definitely not only a shareholder, in other stages you must also dance ah this habit brings about 20% of the return count how many habits you have lost money, how many habits to make money, and then calculate to see if correlate with your actual earnings
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