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Forex Trading Progressions The Road to Success from Novice to Master - Wei Qiangbin

Editors Pick Four foreign exchange traders have joined forces to launch the best forex Forex rebate king book of the year, private funds three forex trading strategies for the first time public "Forex Trading Progressions" is to introduce the content is used to help you from a beginner to become a successful forex trading master series of progressive courses in this book, you will learn about forex trading The entire course is structured to cover all aspects of real forex trading: you will learn how to identify good trading opportunities, how to time your trades, cashbackinforex when to cash in on your profits or end trades that are no longer right Forexrebatekingntroduction Is there an easier career in the world than investing in forex? You may still have doubts: Isnt it the same with investing in securities and futures? In this book you will find that securities and futures are far from being comparable to forex, so in this book the authors will provide a dozen very effective trading frameworks and systems specifically combined with the basics, and also in the last part of the book they present their own three effective strategies used in trading, hoping that these strategies that have proven successful in practice will bring you the ability to He is the Chief Strategist of DinaPrivately-ownedInvestment&SpeculationFund and has long been engaged in front-line trading of stocks, foreign exchange and gold. He has a long history of studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching Techniques (CP) in financial trading and related skills training, and has created a unique triviewsarialysiskeytotradingWay approach based on the summary of Elliotts wave theory, tunnel trading theory and gartley theory, combined with fundamental analysis, and integrated financial econology into the series. Tina private funds under the experience and wisdom of many traders to write, please readers do not hesitate to correct the table of contents of the first stage of the first stage of the foreign exchange market and foreign exchange trading a, foreign exchange two, foreign exchange market three, foreign exchange trading methods four, the characteristics of foreign exchange trading second stage to open a trading account a, the criteria for selecting a broker two, beware of foreign exchange fraud three, open a trading account third stage of the foreign exchange trading process a, read and understand the transaction offer two, long and short three, bid, ask, spread four, point and lot five, trade forexrebateindonesia types six, rollover interest calculation seven, profit and loss calculation eight, foreign exchange trading basic terminology fourth order forex trading analysis overview a, fundamental analysis and technical analysis two, the impact of short-term foreign exchange market fundamental factors three, technical analysis chart types fifth order MT4.0 software use a, MetaTradcr introduction two. MetaTrader analysis function illustration cashback forexI, the method of replacing the MT4.0 server sixth order forex trading risk I, the causes of trading losses and solutions II, the concept of stop-loss III, the deadly trading habits IV, from the demo account seventh order forex trader killed the primary cause I, leverage killer II, the definition of leverage III, the definition of margin IV, examples of margin calls V, higher Leverage VI, how leverage affects the cost of trading VII, do not underestimate the leverage intermediate course eighth order Japanese candlestick charting techniques I, the composition of candlestick lines II, solid and shadow lines III, the basic pattern of candlestick lines IV, reversal patterns (ReversalPatterns) V, typical candlestick patterns ninth order support and resistance, trend lines and channels I, support and resistance II, trend lines III, channels IV The tenth order of Fibonacci ratio a, what is the Fibonacci ratio two, Fibonacci retracement three, Fibonacci expansion of the eleventh order of moving averages a, so that price movements smooth two, simple moving average (SMA) three, exponential moving average (EMA) four, simple moving average and exponential moving average comparison five, Ges average eight method of the twelfth order of common charts Technical indicators a, BollingerBands (BollingerBands) two, MACD three, parabolic (ParabolicSAR) four, stochastic oscillators (Stochastics) five, relative strength index (RelativeStrengthIndex) six, Celtic channel (KehnerChannel) seven, real volatility The average of the range (ATR) eight, KDJ indicators nine, the comprehensive use of the thirteenth order of the main economic data details a, unemployment rate two, consumer price index three, producer price index four, interest rates (the U.S. Federal Reserve Board of Brown Book) five, gross domestic product six, trade balance seven, current account eight, durable goods orders nine, the budget deficit ten, the supply chain management association index (manufacturing survey report and non- Manufacturing Survey Report) xi, Purchasing Managers Index (Chicago) xii, German IFO Economic Sentiment Index xiii, Japanese Short View Report xiv, U.S. New Housing Starts and Construction Permits xv, U.S. Industrial Output and Capacity Utilization 14th Order Oscillators and Momentum Indicators i, Leading and Lagging Indicators ii, Oscillators/Leading Indicators iii, Momentum Indicators/Lagging Indicators iv, Value of Millions Problems of the fifteenth order important graphics I. Symmetrical triangle II. ascending triangle III. descending triangle IV. double top V. double bottom VI. head and shoulders VII. head and shoulders bottom XVI. axis point system I. axis point system (PivotPoints) II. calculating axis points III. using axis point system for trading IV. suggestions for trading forex axis points XVII. historical movements and influencing factors of major currency pairs I. Historical trend and influencing factors of EUR/USD II. Historical trend and influencing factors of GBP/USD III. Historical trend and influencing factors of USD/CHF IV. Historical trend and influencing factors of USD/JPY V. Historical trend and influencing factors of USD/CAD VI. Historical trend and influencing factors of AUD/USD Advanced Course XVIII. Multiple Time Frames I. Trading Time The choice of frame II, time frame analysis III, multiple time frame involved IV, multiple time frame trading system 19th order Elliott wave theory I, 5-3 wave pattern II, abc adjustment wave pattern III, wave holographic 20th order create your own trading system I, the truth about trading system II, six steps to create your trading system III, test your trading system IV, a simple demonstration Trading system five, demonstration of the simple use of trading system twenty-first order to master the best trading time a, the foreign exchange market operating hours two, the most suitable days of the week trading three, easy to lose money trading time four, can not be active in the time trading how to do twenty-second order capital management a, the basics of capital management two, capital decline rate and maximum capital decline rate three, do not lose your gun four, risk reward Ratio (RisktoReward) V. Positive Pyramid plus and thief strategy VI. Common money management skills VII. Anti-traditional risk management principles of the grid operation method Twenty-third order plan your trading trading your plan I. Why plan your trading II. A trading plan should have the elements III. A trading system (large trading system) the construction of the master course Twenty-fourth order trading personality I. Discovering your trading personality II. Types of trading personalities III. What kind of trader you are XXV. Trading data quotes I. Trading news II. Tradable data reports III. Trading within your risk tolerance IV. Basic trading methods for data quotes XXVI. Market sentiment I. Analysis of popular sentiment in the forex market II. CommitmentofTradersReport) III. How to use the COT report Twenty-seventh order U.S. dollar index I. Components of the U.S. dollar index II. Calculation of the U.S. dollar index III. How to interpret the U.S. dollar index IV. Trade-weighted U.S. dollar index Twenty-eighth order carry trade I. The basic concept of carry trade II. The twenty-ninth order commodity currencies i. Commodity currencies ii. Canadian dollar and oil iii. Australian dollar and gold iv. New Zealand dollar 30th order cross currencies i. Basic concepts of cross currencies ii. Back to fundamental analysis iii. Synthetic currency pairs 31st order divergence trading i. Divergence trading ii. Normal divergence iii. Implied divergence iv. Trading divergence v. Nine rules of divergence trading Thirty-second order Dina thin trading strategy I. Elements of scalp trading II. Currency pairs suitable for thin trading III. Time periods suitable for thin trading IV. Interpolation test Thirty-third order Dina news trading strategy I. Basics of news trading II. Strategies for news trading III. Checking the financial calendar IV. Key fundamental data V. Common economic indicators in English and Chinese VI. Specific application of news trading strategy VII. Simple exercise eight, the depth of the strategy nine, oscillation situation ten, cold market eleven, advanced strategy thirty-fourth order Tina trend trading strategy a, the introduction of the trading system two, trading currency pairs three, system foundation four, system rules five, system adjustment six, extended to intra-day trading thirty-fifth order lazy foreign exchange traders road to gold a, you need to pay the price of two, education three, time four, trading capital five , psychological Appendix I forex trading terminology compilation Appendix II forex trading common websites
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