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Forex Trading Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

In order to enrich Forex rebate king improve their own trading system, I once again carefully study the "Road to Financial Freedom" written by Professor Van Tharp, which has a section on cashbackinforex Forexrebateking, the professor talked about the following points worth learning Fundamental analys cashback forex in determining forexrebateindonesia targets is clearly superior to technical analysis The correct interpretation is that technical indicators can give you direction and timing options, but it is inadequate in indicating the expected price movement. However, a good fundamental analysis can help you confirm the approximate profit target without any problem. Fundamental analysis can at best tell you the direction and approximate extent of future price movements, but rarely tells you when the price movement will start or exactly how far it will go. However, even knowing the direction and approximate extent of future price movements is very valuable information for traders and investors, and a reasonable combination of fundamental and technical analysis is a good solution to the trading puzzle. must be very careful about timing, rather than the analyst gives what kind of fundamental situation on the choice to trade If you enter the market too early because of impulsiveness, then you may lose a fortune in the short term So be patient and let the technical indicators tell you when the market starts to push in the direction it should go (provided that the fundamentals have given a judgment of the trend that the market may run) Therefore, the live operation need to establish the direction given by the fundamental situation, and then confirm that the trend has begun to unfold according to the technicals, if the technicals do not give a signal to match, prefer to wait and see, rather than blindly enter the market remember your goal is not to get an accurate forecast, but to make money and control risk, you may have to wait for weeks or even months to take advantage of an accurate fundamental forecast, act too early and too fast, may easily turn Many forecasts of major price changes can fail to materialize for various reasons Over the course of a year, if you can accurately find many sources of accurate fundamental information about the Forex trading market, you can expect to learn about price changes 8-10 times a year. If you are able to realize 6-7 of these fundamental price changes (trends), and you are able to catch half of them and establish a position, and let the profits roll up well, you will be able to make significant profits for the year. Dont be afraid to follow a market that is moving with great underlying potential. Act quickly Van. Tharp talks about how fundamental research is best left to those who are experts in fundamental analysis, such as professional researchers in the commodity markets, from whom you can get research reports to guide your investment decisions
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