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Forex trading in the lock in the end is to save you or destroy you

forex trad forexrebateindonesiag, what cashbackinforex the significance of Forex rebate kinging single?  In the process of foreign exchange trading, many investors have implemented locking behavior, this behavior is usually in the case of trading orders floating losses close to or more than their own risk tolerance, trying to use this tool to reduce or hedge existing positions facing losses, or even the risk of bursting the position In addition, there are many traders who have cashback forex developed the habit of stop-loss Forexrebateking take-profit, will also frequently use this function However, for traders caught in serious losses However, for traders who have fallen into serious losses and are at their wits end, does this lock function make sense? Will it really reduce their risk? Or will it be a futile exercise? Lets take a look at what veteran traders with 10 years of experience in forex margin trading, @XihuaChanBing, expressed his opinion on this topic. He believes that this point depends on what the purpose of the trader lock position from the macroscopic point of view, there are two kinds of lock position, one is the floating win after opening the same number of lots of reverse single lock profit, the essence and close out of the field is not much different; another is the floating loss after opening the same number of lots of reverse single lock loss, is also similar to close out of the field What is the psychology behind the two kinds of lock position? Personally, I think the first is in the cycle of the wave to eat after locking profits, waiting for the cycle of retracement in place to re-enter the second lock position has not been tried, my inference should be, do not agree that the floating loss after this entry is their own fault, want to lock the loss to prevent further expansion of the principal loss, and look forward to the market will slowly recognize their mistakes, from the new back to the second lock position that should go He believes that the second lockout is not at all meaningful, at least to give traders a little psychological comfort, and thats all specific market will not return to the correct trend of the lockout, I personally think it depends on fate, do not look at fate why lockout?  With 8 years of experience in foreign exchange trading duke believes that the lock position in the oscillation and the trend of the operation is different, the trend in fact should not be called a lock position, up more than expected to have a pullback to add a short single is to eat the pullback, and do not want to lose the low single, should be counted as two different time periods of operation, not a lock position, the oscillation does not know which direction will break through, in the upper and lower rail to do a short single single, and so completely break through However, most of the usual lock single is because the loss single loss, but the psychological total still think that at any time may turn back, but the position or psychological can not support the pressure to continue to resist single, think add a reverse single will not continue to lose the ‘ humpback policy & rsquo;, most of this lock is counter-trend single, to unlock or often to flat loss single to unlock, but psychologically most people choose to flatten the single. But psychologically most people choose to flat win single, so there is no solution The trader from Nantong duke further explained that the lock should be a short-term active hedging behavior rather than locking losses passive humpback behavior lock is to avoid short-term opposite quotes impact, plus lock the single should be held for a short period of time, intra-day up to every other day, generally used in data quotes or sudden major news as traders in the pair Multiple data releases may cause large fluctuations in both directions or data may be contrary to the current trend, at the same price to open the same number of lots of a long single a short single or with open and then in hand single opposite counterpart single When the data is announced, first flat after the announcement of immediate profit single, after the flat or continue to hold another single, on the lock easy to unlock difficult for newcomers, the more lock the more no sense of direction, not easy to control, have the ability to The majority of traders who do this kind of operation are profoundly aware of the habits of the operating species, for newcomers or traders who have not been able to win steadily, the pattern of large stops and small positions and low-frequency operations is easier to get out of the quagmire of losses duke added   personal trader Little Fox said that it mainly depends on what the logic of locking positions is, the most core logic is still to hedge the risk if you think the market trend is either one or the other, then you will not need to use the lock function, because the market trend for you, nothing more than a long or short position if you think there is still a kind of uncertainty may lock the position Survey data shows that most traders believe that locking a single may be an unhelpful behavior, and even the risk of position exposure will be magnified, ultimately leading to pick up the sesame seeds lost the watermelon However, there are a few traders believe that in extreme Under the circumstances, locking a position is a correct and risk-reducing basic practice An investor with several years of trading experience in this regard said that, in the face of a large position, the risk can not be controlled, and the market did not go away, the funds can not carry the time, you know how good a thing locking a position is not much money, and very good at trading, will certainly lock a position, locking a position back and forth, and finally may turn from a loss to a profit, which is to do Trading the most basic forex lock position, forex trading lock single related analysis article read forex trading why do not encourage lock positions and lock hidden risks forex trading the benefits and drawbacks of lock positions in speculative forex the purpose and benefits of lock positions in the direction of doing the opposite, whether it is the stop loss, lock positions, or dead carry? The purpose and benefits of locking positions in forex: the purpose and benefits of locking positions experience sharing: locking positions in trend trading forex trading locking positions in forex trading you really use the right? Speculation in foreign exchange why try not to lock positions? What is the meaning of a locked position? What is the meaning of locking a position in forex trading?
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