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Forex learning explain the difference between forex demo and forex live trading

forex cashback forex Forex rebate k Forexrebatekingg forexrebateindonesia forex live trading, often used by investors however, the use of the two cashbackinforex different, forex demo trading help traders practice forex trading, forex live trading is like a battlefield engagement in the gunfire then, forex live trading and forex demo trading what are the specific differences? The following will explain in detail the difference between forex demo trading and forex real trading forex demo trading and forex real trading difference real trading application is the investors own injection of real money, the funds will be converted into dollars in accordance with a certain exchange rate for trading and demo trading application of funds is the website platform to provide the simulation of funds, for investors there is no risk hidden real trading account The way of registration and foreign exchange simulation trading account is different, the two have different registration interface 3. foreign exchange real trading investors mentality and simulation trading is different foreign exchange simulation trading due to virtual funds, investors in the transaction will not have the psychological pressure and real trading, investors due to the interference of psychological factors, trading will have a lot of pressure which is the main reason why foreign exchange real trading is easy to lose 4. Foreign exchange demo trading is too ideal, investors in the foreign exchange demo trading on the sell order, there will certainly be a corresponding buy order, but the foreign exchange live trading is unlikely to be so ideal, which is one of the reasons why the foreign exchange live trading is easy to lose However, foreign exchange demo trading and foreign exchange live trading also have the same place demo trading and live trading on the market, are the real foreign exchange market, foreign exchange demo trading Investors trading environment, rules, the use of technology, profit, loss are consistent with the real foreign exchange but, many traders in the process of trading found that their real foreign exchange trading and in doing foreign exchange simulation trading performance there is a significant difference in the end why? The fact is that when you actually start trading live in Forex, your heart will beat faster and you will sweat. When traders switch from demo trading to real trading, these are common because you are using your real money so a certain amount of nervousness is normal if you are ready for it. Psychologically, before trading, you need to be clear that it is normal to lose money in the market Many people do well in demo trading, but once they get into real trading, they suffer huge losses So in this case, please slow down and focus on the trade, not the money, so that the reality can improve The reality is that most traders do not realize that no matter how they operate, there is always the threat of losing their money Once the market is out of their control, they will do something stupid No one likes to lose money, but if you really want to survive in the market for a long time, you have to accept losses 02 Money makes the difference Enough money can make people do anything, and this is a time of profit and time is the most valuable thing we have Therefore, when your hard-earned money is lost in just a few minutes because of trading is lost, your emotions are bound to explode so, knowing this fact, we have to control our emotions, control the risks of this industry, control our own behavior in playing the market and we have to think about our actions beforehand, not afterwards having to take into account your complete financial situation and really determine how much money you can lose in trading, it will not be easy to become emotional as a result I It is recommended that traders sit down, map out all their finances, and then start trading in real money; from investments, to bills, to debt, and then decide what you have left to be able to put into the market If you are rich enough, then you can take a chance 03 What can you learn from forex demo trading Is there value in doing demo trading? Yes, but you need to know that even if you are more serious, you know that the account is fake and you can trade as you please After using a demo account for about 5 months, you can start trading live but what can we learn from demo trading? In addition to familiarizing yourself with the rules of trading, you can also improve your trading psychology when there is no emotional attachment to your trading is the easiest way to make money in the market through a demo account so you can know the emotions you need to eliminate when trading for real 04 How to make live forex trading like forex demo trading? Accept that you will loseThe first thing to do when trading live is to fully accept that you will lose your tradesMany professional traders lose 50% of their trades, but they are still profitable overall due to wind ratio and good risk managementSo try to accept losses as part of normal tradingDont take chancesDemo accounts will work because you are not dependent on virtual money, dont Use your real money for gambling in a real trading account, you need to treat your money like a demo account, as fake and dont care Remember, trading is a series, it will win, it will lose, even lose in a row, but as long as your windfall ratio is 1:2, then you will be profitable The only tool, is to control your emotions You need to be confident and also need to be right on target before trading Keep a professional trading Mindset, maintain patience and trading, so that your demo account and real account seamlessly to sum up a sentence: foreign exchange simulation heavy experience, foreign exchange real trading heavy repair heart
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