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Foreign exchange transactions do a variety of strange techniques drift single Locked orders The single brush

in the process of foreign exchange Forexrebateking, we may often hear such as drift Forex rebate king, cashback forex single, floating single, speculation single forexrebateindonesia so on these sayings are basically from the futures trading, and later gradually derived to the foreign exchange, gold and other markets above, forming a series of description of the trading process of the different single technique terminology for just entering the foreign exchange market for new traders, may be th cashbackinforex concise terminology is not very good understanding. Today, I will introduce you to some of these different single techniques drift single drift single refers to the traders orders in a state of loss, but the trader does not carry out a stop loss or close positions, but let it drift in the market, holding a fluke waiting for the market to turn back a practice drift single is actually a very negative way of coping, because of the unwillingness to account for the losses sitting, and refused to face reality, this way many times can only watch their own single drift farther and farther away from ...... and then, snap, burst the position at the same time, if the trader has been put this single drift, that is, for him, the transaction actually exists only a one-way judgment traders always hope that the single can drift back, will not be willing to admit that the trend will continue, and hold This psychology, may miss very good trading opportunities this way, even if the final single really drift back, time and earnings are not proportional to the lock single lock single is to buy or sell a currency pair, and then reverse the sale or buy the same currency pair, to lock the amount of loss or profit a practice, lock single most cases is to lock the loss single about lock single this method, some supporters and some opponents, supporters The proponents believe that the lock single is the protection of profits, opponents feel that this is the fear of stop loss, self-deception of a practice in most traders, lock single is more harm than good, stop loss is the best way to correct the wrong transaction only in the trader judge the right trend, but the timing of entry is not good, it is recommended to use the lock single way for a temporary treatment but if the general trend of judgment are If the trend is wrong, it must be stop-loss rather than lock single, or before you feel that their judgment is right, only the time to enter the problem, so the lock single, but if in the process found that the trend is still wrong, but also must be the wrong single immediately close the position, retain the correct single can in fact, we can see the lock single as two separate transactions, it is not in reducing the risk of trading. It is an alternative to closing positions It has two disadvantages that should not be ignored, one is the lock single, especially repeatedly lock single and unlock, will cause the transaction costs rise, the margin ratio reduced, and ultimately may be forced to close positions due to insufficient margin; the other is to increase the difficulty of profit, a single profit is offset by another single loss, the profit space is very limited In addition, once the choice of lock single this way, the The market is also popular for the phrase "lock single easy to unlock difficult" so if you dont have a lot of money or good psychological quality, when the currency trend is opposite to the direction of the transaction, generally try to choose to close the position, lock single may lead to more losses The brush single refers to the high-frequency intraday trading, regardless of profit or loss, the position appears small spread that close the position and ordinary short term trading is different from the brush single position time is shorter, the general holding time in 1-2 minutes, short not more than 10 seconds, the longest not more than 10 minutes brush single is the trader to capture the market immediately after the entry cost of the transaction, after the market if not immediately profitable, ready to quickly This way of trading is very short due to its time in the market, the risk of market volatility is relatively small, there are some master traders use this way to achieve a certain profit However, there are also some traders believe that the current foreign exchange trading model and the speed of operation can not reach the needs of the brush single, they believe that the brush single this mode of trading is more suitable to the robot to use the brush single way of trading, need The trader set up a thin profit trading ideas, to trade before they set a profit margin, to reach the target immediately out, re-evaluate the market, waiting for the next opportunity and other trading is different, brush single relies on the success rate of winning, so traders should choose to meet their own trading principles, familiar with the trading opportunities, in order to win a secure In addition, risk control is also the most important of the speculation single, brush single is The advantage of a single brush is to avoid part of the risk, like the weather forecast, the short-term weather is less affected, the forecast results will be more accurate but The timing of the single entry is not so easy to grasp, it belongs to the difficulty factor of a trading method, the technology and traders have a high demand for time and energy, and the higher cost of foreign exchange transactions, which will also have a certain impact on the profitability of the single drift single drift single and drift single sounds very similar, but not just a misspelling of a homophone difference with the single brush, drift single is also built on the basis of intra-day trading The difference between drift single and brush single is that the trading frequency of drift single is much lower than brush single for the foreign exchange market, intraday trading is a more popular way of traders, the majority of domestic foreign exchange traders are using intraday trading. The most important thing is to judge the direction of the swing, to determine the timing of entry, and also to control the risk-reward ratio and develop their own trading strategy and strictly comply with it, etc.
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