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Foreign exchange trading tips earn a little every day gathering sand into a tower

forexrebateindonesiaeign exchange trading can Forexrebateking always think of a bite out of a fat, everything needs to be slowly accumulated, slowly absorbed in the foreign exchange market to learn to earn a little every day, gathering s cashback forex into a tower, the formation of stable construction of the transaction excellent traders are always those who have accumulated capital for a long time throughout their trading career or the process of accumulating capital, you often lose a third of the capital, and then you will back, capital and gradually grow, but you may then also happen a third of the cashbackinforex, and then you back again; like climbing stairs, advancing three steps, adhere to th Forex rebate king procedure, you can still slowly advance in not suitable to enter the market when not to trade is a spirit of self-discipline This is a very important rule for success in foreign exchange trading, many people do not understand this point certain situations, the market situation is very dull, the Liquidity is not good, you should not trade the appropriate style you must decide which type of trader you are: speculator, spread trader or short term cap customer; you must find their own suitable trading style but the focus is on whether you can make money for example: hedge is the ideal means of managing risk, but whether you should become a hedge trader, depends entirely on your personality whether you can through this If the market occurs unfavorable movements, parts of the loss, of course, is the first warning, followed by the degree of your tolerance for pain, tolerance for loss of ability to trade the principle that the initial loss is often the smallest loss; admit the difficulty of the loss is not exactly the loss of money, but also includes the damage to self-esteem This is a game of mind you play with yourself the fact that the market is there, not a counterweight You should not fight the market or try to beat it. With this mentality, it may be easier to admit your losses. If you understand that you dont have an edge, but you have to trade for other reasons, you should learn from those who have an edge, first understand what kind of trading is profitable and which one you belong to. Recognizing your advantage is the first condition to predict whether your operation will be profitable if you cant break down the operation into specific profit or loss patterns, it will be very difficult to recognize your advantage Forex trading is a highly leveraged tool, and leverage is a double-edged, can kill the enemy may also hurt themselves, the ancient sword and sword stream, but also must be enough to use the power, and how to control it? At least the internal strength must have a certain degree of……Apply in the operation, capital management for the internal, operational tools for the external, in order to play the maximum benefit of operational tools, otherwise……Why to two mouth three mouth margin to do a mouth? The other remaining to do? Yes, the fear of continuous loss to avoid continuous stop loss was swept out of the field but, in the continuous profit opportunities to come when how to use high leverage to maximize its benefits? These are dependent on the internal cultivation of trading can win the reasons are summarized as follows: operating strategy, capital control, psychological quality, emotional control accounted for 80% of the success of the operating tools and viewing skills account for only 20%
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