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Foreign exchange trading thirty years of insight!

Although I have only 3 years of foreign exchange cashback forexrebateindonesiaforex, but there Forex rebate king no doubt that I have 30 years of professional insights below I write 1. do trade to preserve cashback forex principal is not terrible to exhaust life is the most terrible I contacted thous Forexrebatekings of trading players, most of them for position loss panic, for position profit impassioned they do not know, life force in this time and again in excess of the emotions consumed so that it is easy to die early Because daily life would not have so much emotional rotation, and foreign exchange brings all this, which overconsumed your life energy 2. do trading to save your life principal is very important again talented people, without the principal can not be the same as the principal, is the carrier of your survival in this foreign exchange market no principal, everything is nonsense human beings, should learn to cherish the chips in the hands of the bullet is gone, you are also reduced to Do trading to be natural I contacted most traders, they are seeking high yields in fact, this is a manifestation of ignorance we exist in the universe, has its own slope of growth any growth above the slope will eventually be corrected the universe does not allow such expansion because once accommodated, the universe will explode so we see the balloon blown up hundreds of times finally exploded, the piglets were fattened 3 months into the The holy grail of trading comes from the universe Although the word SYSTEM appears hundreds of thousands of times a day, a set of SYS is powerless to parallel the market situation, the holy grail of trading does exist, and there is more than one, but they are all based on the idea of the universe and none of them can be based on the market situation. Foreign exchange is the same source of profit and loss, negative and game no matter how to trade, you are half a chance to win, half a chance to lose and then add the cost of trading spreads, most people are destined to lose money you can earn 500,000 because someone lost 500,000 you will lose 800,000 because someone earned away the 800,000 so make money is nothing to be happy, because there are human beings suffering from grief because of this The loss of money is nothing to be sad about, because this is the end of most people calm some 6.
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