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Foreign exchange trading support lines pressure lines and price trends

In foreign exchange trading investment, the Forexrebateking trend forexrebateindonesia undoubtedly the core content of the entire technical analysis of the results or doctrine, are based on three basic assumptions, the three assumptions are: market behavior inclusive of all; price evolution in the form of trends; history will repeat Since the price evolution in the form of trends, then in the foreign exchange market, such as homeopathic operation In the forex market, such as operating with the trend, the trend is a friend cashbackinforex other cautionary tale is never on paper, but the previous people in the forex market stumbling experience summary So what is the price trend na? Do investment people know that in the investment market often use the K- Forex rebate king to react to a day of price changes, of course, there is also a single closing price line to react when these K-line by trading time by time, it may be in a period of time showing directional: or gradually up, or down, or may be up and down without a clear up and down this becomes the three main price trends: up trend, down trend and consolidation of no Trend In order to specify a trend, we use the point and the point of the line to refine the two relative lows into a line, it becomes a cashback forex line, and the two high points of the line into a pressure line if the support line or the proximity of other lows, the support line is more important, the current and later foreign exchange trends will have a great impact on the same, the pressure line is also different only the support line for foreign exchange prices have upward support role, the pressure line on the foreign exchange price has a downward counter-pressure role once the downward breakthrough support line, after this line will become a pressure line, and vice versa upward breakthrough pressure line, this line in the subsequent transaction will become a support line If in a number of low points to form a support line, the corresponding high point line and this support line several parallel, then the foreign exchange price not only has an upward trend, but also running in an upward channel, the investors operation becomes relatively simple. The investors operation becomes relatively simple, along the support line to buy, if the foreign exchange rate down below the support line a certain magnitude or a certain amount of time, then stop loss, and vice versa can always hold and if the foreign exchange rate broke up the rising channel, it is not necessary to take profit, because it is possible that the foreign exchange rate into a rapid rise in the period, premature exit will miss the opportunity to gain huge profits, of course, we must also pay attention to the specific changes in the market, on the contrary, the operation in the down channel is the same as the up channel and down channel in only one corresponding high or low point, you can also add their own, and carefully observe the situation when the foreign exchange rate changes, whether the formation of the channel These high points are also known as the pressure level, the low point is called as a support level, and support line may intersect with the foreign exchange price point is also a support level, the same pressure line may intersect the point is the pressure level high and low points are the main or important The support and pressure levels, the points on the line also have a greater support and pressure role of the high and low points so become pressure and support levels, and the investors mentality has a great relationship because there are people picking up a good price, someone unlucky to pick up a good price people still want to pick up, unlucky people know that the mistake can be corrected, so the markets buying and selling power contrast has changed this is why the assumption that history repeats itself is justified by the pressure and Support also exists in the case of mutual transformation in the identification of support pressure, sometimes need to be properly corrected in two cases: one is the upper lead or lower lead is very long, and these prices may be the wrong price, or very short stop-loss orders caused by the role of these points of support pressure should be discounted, you can use the opening price or closing price to replace the second is the low or high point is not just a point, but a dense area of transactions. This time we should be seen as a support area or pressure area adhere to the support line, the pressure line to judge the price trend, forex traders will certainly achieve good results
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