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Foreign exchange trading stop profit is also very important

  It Forex rebate k cashback forexg said that people are happy spirit, the 26th of the old Zhao is in a particularly good mood, due to timely stop profit, the day the cashbackinforex prices fell forexrebateindonesia did Forexrebateking let him hurt in the recent round of gold prices rose really fished in the old Zhao, really happy with their own decision this is not, today the big room others are nervous about staring at the plate, but he is leisurely drinking tea and reading the newspaper, a The young comrade Zhang does not seem so relaxed he bought gold in mid-April, although the rise to bring him a lot of profit, but today gold a sharp low, retracted close to half of the profit look at the old Zhao leisure, Zhang admiration: you are not long gold? How to withdraw so quickly? Yes, I am still long gold prices at present the market is still worried about the eurozone debt crisis, the U.S. debt problem is not completely solved, inflation is still continuing, these are the factors that support the rise in gold prices, these are my reasons but you see, gold broke through $ 1500 / ounce after a record high, generally still need a process of adjustment to confirm this time, lock profits is the best policy and you know that The internal gold daily jump gap is very large, do the deal, of course, is better to close the position in advance old Zhao said cheerfully small Zhang still seems to have resigned: that you mean, first out to see? Yes, bullish does not mean that we have to hold, do the most important rhythm of the futures grasp since we already know the risk of pullback in the short term, and why continue to hold it? First out to say, wait for stability to confirm and then go in well old Zhao sipped tea, slowly said Xiao Zhang listened, thoughtful, suddenly happy: Zhao, I know what you mean, in addition to know how to stop loss, futures will have to stop gain on the heart, otherwise it is likely to the original profit swallowed up on old Zhao smiled at noon closed, like thinking Xiao Zhang could not help but think: it seems that gold single to find a high point out but if According to this theory, the copper price has now reached the low point of the previous stage, my copper short single is not to consider stopping the profit? For copper, Wednesday the Federal Reserve to hold a rate meeting, the Feds statement on U.S. monetary policy is more critical, and now many people expect the United States will end quantitative easing, but interest rates will remain historically low, if true, the short term is positive, the medium term is negative and you look at the spot market, now the spot copper reported 200-250 yuan / ton, the spot will form some support for the futures price technically Although the copper price fell below 70,000 yuan again, but now close to the stage low, the pre-copper price rebounded strongly again, I think you can partially stop the profit, if the rebound … … Well, if the rebound is blocked and then throw short Xiao Zhang grabbed the old Zhao a froze, haha laugh
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