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Foreign exchange trading skills

I am engaged in forexrebateindonesia cashbackinforex trading work for several years, after experiencing the market many ups Forex rebate king downs of the grind, also counted on their own trading system and technical experience should be many foreign exchange friends request, I summarized some of the essence of the short term trading experience, for you to exchange learning I although engaged in the foreign exchange industry for many years, but every time when it comes to foreign exchange real trading, I am Hold a very cautious attitude, because in foreign exchange th cashback forex high-risk investment projects, a little carelessness, perhaps will burst, so that the funds disappear and every time to others guidance, I am more cautious, because people will listen to my experience, to practice manipulation The following I listed some short term manipulation method, just a summary of my personal experience, and these experiences are also the theory of the previous practice and Verification but Forexrebateking every one of these methods may be used, of course, does not mean that with these methods can guarantee a steady profit without loss method is dead, the last to be used in the hands of people, to play a role method a trend judgment of large trends, are relatively clear and easy to judge, but small trends, especially intra-day trends, will not be very clear, and is more susceptible to data expectations and important people speech, etc. The impact of factors foreign exchange traders generally grasp the trend of the large cycle, to determine the retracement and range oscillation large trend grasp, foreign exchange trading is also more confident Method two resolutely do not grab the retracement I mean do not grab a very small intra-day retracement of this ultra-short-term retracement, technical analysis generally does not give a better foreign exchange trading advice may also be in consolidation, long and short sides in the accumulation of strength carefully study your Trading records, will find a day of operating losses are often counter-trend trading if the wrong direction, and no stop-loss, it really is hopeless Method three points are ready to judge the entry point because the point to pre-judge, but also need to have the patience to wait if the trend is perverse, to the expected point rather than choose not to enter, but choose to hang a single transaction unfavorable point to enter the forex trading pressure is often relatively large, and often accompanied by Chasing down and chasing up, the result of a loss again and again loss There are some newcomers just operating foreign exchange, placing frequent in fact, such transactions on the one hand to raise the cost, and repeatedly in the direction, not conducive to judgment, risky general newcomers are not recommended to operate in this way Method four stop loss Some foreign exchange traders will be in this situation, set a stop loss was swept, it feels better not to set generally speaking, to have a stop loss, but not that every single order is set Good system automatic stop loss foreign exchange plate to be honest or go more tricky, often a lot of false breakthrough trend will sweep away your stop loss But can not set a stop loss, if the forex trader is watching the plate, you can not set up the system, take the manual stop loss Method five to do a single trick to join a foreign exchange customer has more than 2000 U.S. dollars, trading is easier a single to do medium and long term, a single to do the short term, a used to Do ultra-short combined to do, risk diversification, it is also easier to make money when the consolidation, short term may lose, but medium and long term foreign exchange trading, these can be negligible, as long as the direction is right eventually there will be gains pullback when the medium and long term will have a certain loss, the trend reversal takes a certain amount of time, but at this point the foreign exchange trader can short hedge, equivalent to lock single (for example, the long term is Empty, pullback when your short term do more), through this method can increase profitability
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