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Foreign exchange technical side of the K-line application skills

Forex rebate k cashbackinforexg chart trading Forexrebateking a unique technology, which requires a deep understanding of the foreign exchange market to the following we will talk about foreign exchange technical side of the: K- forexrebateindonesia application skills K-line chart, also known as candlestick chart, Yin and Yang chart is divided into the entity part, the upper and lower cashback forex part, we need to focus on the analysis of the entity part of the magnitude of the size and shadow length, the shadow line. The larger the shadow line position entity, the greater the power of the party the longer the shadow line, the longer the shadow line, the longer the shadow line, the more powerful counter-attack on behalf of the party to carry out a strong counter-attack on the length of the shadow line equal, indicating that both sides are evenly matched Generally speaking, in the market K-line entity + shadow line amplitude of 25 points or more, is considered a relatively high effectiveness of the K-line (1H chart of the K-line) In other words, the Only volatility in the 25 points above the K-line trading up will be valuable, if the volatility of 25 points to go down to trade, there will often be false signals (induce more and induce short signals) K-line can also be used to determine the trend, if there are several days of rapid and significant decline in the daily level, it can be determined that the trend has turned down but at this time should not be short again low, and to wait for small levels (1H, 4H) appeared up rebound, and then from the high level of the rebound to go with the trend to short so that the profits are very large, less risk K-line rise and fall is also presented "several waves" development of the general three to four waves, or even more when the first wave, basically in the early, when the second wave, basically in the middle, when the third or fourth wave, basically at the end The best time for us to trade in the first wave, the second wave is more development, try not to trade the third wave or the fourth wave, if you go to trade is very easy to be set Look at the most important point of the K-line, but also many friends of the use of a bad point, I am here to highlight, I hope you can remember "the same K-line pattern appears in different locations, representing The meaning of very different" for example, a large positive line appears at the bottom of the downtrend, is a reversal of the bullish signal large positive line appears in the middle of the uptrend, is a post-trend continue to hold a position signal large positive line appears at the end of the uptrend, is a signal to induce more, as long as then to do more, certainly set in the top Also look at the K-line trading, you can not just analyze a single K-line or a few K-line, which is very The correct method is to avoid the correct method is the global analysis, local orders such as some patterns, double top, double bottom, flag relay, ascending triangle, etc., are dozens of K lines together to analyze, if only analyze a single K line or a few K lines success rate will be very low, losses will also be more This is why many people slander K lines, in fact, not K lines are not good, is some of the friends will not use
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