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Foreign exchange technical analysis of the three misconceptions

Forexrebatekingto the bookstore, the books on cashbackinforex analys Forex rebate king can be described as a wide range of books, both a large number of translations from foreign teaching materials and best-selling books, but also domestic investors themselves compiled to summarize the experience of the talk, I think this phenomenon reflects a collective subconscious that people believe that the status of technical forexrebateindonesia in foreign exchange investment is quite important, if cashback forex the most important words this is A thinking inertia trap, unfortunately, most of the first investment or unaware of the jump in, and often deep in it and can not extricate themselves from the forex academy, the vast majority of successful investors, are more or less lend a hand The first misconception about technical analysis, as shown in the negation of technical analysis as investment is an art, technical analysis is also an art, bias on the summary of historical experience and the lack of scientific research on the precise is like we look The blind man touching the elephant, touching the elephants thigh and say the elephant is a column certainly has its one-sidedness, but also reflects the local real although there is no one technical analysis method is omnipotent, but any kind of time-tested technical analysis methods have its available use of technical analysis methods, the original purpose is to take its long and give up its short, if its short and give up its long, not a misunderstanding and what is it? The second misconception about technical analysis, as shown in the abuse of technical analysis methods on the market circulation of no less than a dozen types of technical analysis methods, the use of each type of method is innumerable This does make the new recruits can not help but feel fresh, which all want to use, the results of a few years down, like a bear breaking a stick, each corn are spoiled once, the account net value is not even enough to buy a stick about The third misunderstanding of technical analysis, as shown in the technical analysis method of the wrong use because there are too many methods available, often guilty of greed, each method is a shallow taste, and not really eat any kind of method, the method of the strengths, weaknesses, the lack of in-depth study of the scope of application, or the use of the book, or self-righteous transformation, the result is often the method of the available places not found, not available, should not be used all over the place. The result is often the usability of the method is not found, not available, should not be used where all used this should also be a saying, believe in the book is better than no book technical analysis methods are like weapons in the arsenal, there are atomic bombs, artillery, sniper rifles, grenades, mines, rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, but also the air force, army, navy a soldier wants to carry all the weapons on the battlefield is certainly a joke, anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes is unreasonable, because of the defeat of the battle and Blame the gun in the hand is undesirable foolishness in the use of technical analysis methods, to be able to jump out of the misunderstanding, to use a method of fine, thorough, with its strengths, avoiding its weaknesses, has been used endlessly!
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