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Foreign exchange shout orders

  What Forex rebate king foreign exchange shout orders foreign exchange shout orders forexrebateindonesia to the experienced or trading profitability of the better foreign exchange investors, especially professional analysts and individual investors, the release of my trading order details traders cashback forex take the contents of the shout orders as their own reference for trading, such as buying EURUSD at a certain Forexrebateking, while setting a thirty-point space as a stop loss, profit space For about 80 points shout orders can generally be divided into two kinds of investment enthusiast discussion and fee-based services for the purpose of technical communication shout orders is a way for investors to exchange and learn, can help different traders to complement each others strengths and weaknesses fee-based shout order services generally use online chat software group messages to provide services, service purchasers can receive a certain number of order messages within an agreed period of time, in order to follow the shout orders Foreign exchange shout orders terminology (1) more cashbackinforex, short single, buy, sell: foreign exchange can be a two-way transaction, can do more (buy), can also do short (sell), buy deal single is more single, sell deal single is short single bullish buy is buy, put put is sell hold is buy, put is sell, value bo rate is success rate is the dialect of Hong Kong and Guangdong people (2) open positions: at a certain price level Buy or sell transaction (3) close: the buy or sell single at the current price to suspend the transaction, that is, the buy single to suspend the transaction to reverse the operation of a sell single, sell single to suspend the transaction to reverse the operation of a buy single different platform operation method varies, some platforms have been set up to close the function, direct click to close the position can be completed automatically (such as: GBF, FXCM) but Some platforms are required to operate an additional reverse single to complete the closing action (such as CMC) (4) stop loss: when the loss exceeds the predetermined tolerance range, is a loss closing behavior (5) capital preservation to close: when the operation of the single does not run in the expected direction, a prudent operation is in the oscillation of capital preservation or a small profit to close the position (6) take profit: the operation of the single reaches the predetermined profit target to close the position (7) ultra Short-term operation: refers to the same day to open a position, the same day to close the operation (8) band trend operation: refers to more to empty or empty to more after the operation of a whole band of the same trend direction (9) hanging single: is not in the price level to reach the premise of the specified price entrusted to place a single (10) batch buy: refers to the same price or different prices in a single single order (11) batch close: refers to the different prices in a single close (12) 5 Minute K-line closing price: the K-line period to 5 minutes, you can display the 5-minute K-line chart, the cursor against the K-line can show the K-line opening price, the highest price, the lowest price, the closing price, to see the current changes in front of the K-line a (13) breakthrough: refers to the 5-minute K-line closing price closed above the pressure level (14) broken: refers to the 5-minute K-line closing price closed below the pressure level (15 ) drawback: generally downward breakthrough will rebound to the breakpoint confirmation, is the drawback confirmation (16) back pressure: generally upward breakthrough will fall back to the breakthrough point confirmation, is the back pressure confirmation (17) open more: buy the opening position; open short: sell the opening position (19) oscillation: the price level in a certain area to run back and forth (20) steal step operation: the price level runs to a certain pressure level or support level will often appear Trend reversal, in the pressure or support level at the pre-listed single transaction, there are 1020 points to close the position of the fast in and fast out operation is called steal step operation (21) non-US: refers to another currency against the dollar, for example: USDCHF non-US refers to CHF, GBPUSD non-US refers to GBP, and the combination of the dollar against the currency, the dollars counterpart is non-US because most of the currency trends are Linkage run, the leading varieties up, then other non-US varieties should also do more, because not listed, so collectively referred to as non-US. (22) target: each pressure or support level is the target (23) backhand: profit closing according to the opposite direction of the single operation is the operation of the backhand (24) the upper rail, the lower rail: the 5-minute K-line chart is transferred out, according to the law of the channel running up and down the balance line, the line above is the upper rail, the line below is the lower rail (25) wide oscillation: refers to the 5-minute K-line chart upper rail and lower rail running channel is very wide (26) more to empty, empty to more: at the pressure level can not break through, the trend reversal, from the uptrend to downtrend is more to empty, from the downtrend to uptrend is empty to more (27) withdrawal: the commission has been the cancellation of the trading order (28) measure down: is the minimum measure down after the pattern breaks down, measure up: is the minimum after the pattern breaks up (29) follow up: refers to the operation of buying or selling in accordance with the direction of the trend (30) start to stabilize: refers to the support or pressure level can hold at the meaning (31) resonance: refers to the same direction of similar species trend breakthrough (or break down), or the same pattern breakthrough (or break down) (32) linkage: refers to the same direction of similar species trend movement (33) aggressive: refers to the ability to take more stop loss or can accept the psychological pressure brought about by large oscillations of the investor this tip is generally in the safe opening point has passed, but the disk can follow the trend when the tip (34) lock position: refers to the original direction of the single did not close the position before opening a position and the original direction of the reverse single (for example: in 06-02-23 day PM16:33 you pre-listed a single in 1.7472 sell GBPUSD, the disk broke through this level and did not return. After the breakthrough of this level, there is no opportunity to close the short position, you can open a position within the 30-point stop loss GBPUSD buy single, the loss is locked in 30 points or less, when the price rises to the top of the important pressure turn near 1.7575 can not break through and the trend from more to empty, at the upper rail to close the buy single and reverse the short, when the price falls back to the original breakthrough position 1.7472 when the price falls back to the original breakthrough level near, close all short positions)
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